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Which Dodgers Got Snubbed From the All-Star Game?

When the MLB All-Star Game is played Tuesday night the Dodgers will be well represented. Los Angeles sent the second most players in the league to Seattle with 5 trailing only the Braves who have 8 players on the National League team.

Even though the team has enough players in this year’s game, an argument could be made for multiple other Dodgers to make the trip.

The biggest snub of any Dodgers player from the NL roster is relief pitcher Evan Phillips. The right-hander has been one of the best options out of the bullpen in baseball this year.

In 35.1 innings, Phillips boasts a 2.55 ERA, 0.849 WHIP, 12 saves and 42 RBIs. Phillips’ ERA+ is also elite as it is at 133. The league average is 100.

Phillips had an opportunity to make the team as an injury replacement but was snubbed again. Phillies closer Craig Kimbrel took Phillips’ spot on the roster when Brewers pitcher Devin Williams went down with injury.

On the season, Phillips has a better ERA and WHIP than Kimbrel. The former Dodger has a 3.41 ERA and a 0.973 WHIP.

Another player for the Dodgers that should’ve been worthy of an All-Star roster spot was Jason Heyward. The 13-year MLB veteran is having a resurgence with the Dodgers. He is fifth on the team with a .811 OPS. The four players with higher OPS have all made the All-Star team.

Another veteran outfielder that is having a bounce back season that should be awarded with an All-Star appearance is David Peralta. Over the past month and a half, Peralta is hitting .365 with an OPS over 1.000.

Other than Mookie Betts, who is already on the All-Star team, no one has had a better past 30 games than Peralta.

Although there are only 21 spots for position players and 17 for relievers to make the National League roster, there is a case to be made that some more of the spots should be held by Dodgers.

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  1. Lucas I can see your love of the Dodgers in your article, but with the exception of Phillips, none of the other players deserve to be All-Stars based on this seasons results so far. They are are good pros in their roles but none of them are defining play in the National League this year, We should be glad we got who we did. the players that went or were selected deserved to be. Lets not water down what it means to be a National League All-Star by just letting nice guys play despite numbers that are not LEAGUE LEADING… Otherwise the All-Star game becomes like t-ball. Give everyone a trophy for participation. We don’t need that for players who are being paid to play a kids game!

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