Will the Dodgers Extend Corey Seager this Offseason? Plus He Deals with the Lindor Chatter

With one year left on his contract before entering free agency, the Dodgers have a big decision to make regarding Corey Seager: do they offer the elite shortstop a lucrative contract extension?

Coming off a monster 2020 campaign, where he finished top 10 in MVP voting, won both the NLCS and World Series MVPs, the all-star shortstop could be the next Dodger in line to get locked up long term. We assess Seager’s value and if the Dodgers are willing to offer Corey Seager a 9-figure extension this offseason.

Plus, how big of an obstacle is Scott Boras in possible Corey Seager extension talks?


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  1. They do need to figure out how to extend him now. It absolutely makes no sense at all to keep ARBing guys like Seager, Bellinger, Buehler, and Urias until they have to sign them long-term. By then, they’re hitting 30 and the back end of those contracts will be brutal. Pay these guys for their prime years, not because they were great during their prime years while you were ARBing them, and you felt like you had to reward them. That’s how you end up with $25 million a year contracts for a guy who’s now 36 and fading fast.

  2. Sign Corey Seager now, before Boras has a chance to turn it into a FA bidding war that makes it impossible for the Dodgers to keep him. He’s 26 years old and will be in his prime for a good long time with possible MVP’s in his future. A 5 year minimun contract would take him to age 31.

  3. If Corey wants to be a Dodger then an extension will get done. He is in a terrific bargaining position after a great 2020 regular and postseason, unanimous WS MVP. 8 years, $200 million with opt out after 5 years.

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