With Baseball Close to Returning in Korea, MLB in 2020 has Hope

You’ve probably never been more excited to see a tweet from Jon Heyman. On Saturday afternoon, the MLB insider tweeted the tweet to end all tweets for baseball fans.

In fact, the Hanwha Eagles played an intrasquad game earlier in the week wearing masks during play.

As the novel coronavirus spread rapidly in 2020, Korea acted quickly to contain the outbreak. Now, I will absolutely not even attempt to speak (or write) intelligently about COVID-19, or who has best fought to limit and attempt to eradicate the virus, but when you see people playing the game we love so dearly while we’re a few days into being asked to stay at home, you probably really want to follow suit with what has apparently worked.

Because again… actual baseball was being played by people. And that’s ultimately what we all want (besides the obvious).

Kiwooom Live Stream

Ultimately the point of all this is that there is hope for baseball and sports in general. A country is playing — even if it’s without a crowd — and that’s pretty encouraging.

If you’re interested in watching some intrasquad KBO action, Dan Kurtz of mykbo.net has you covered here.

At best, MLB is hoping it can return to action in a shortened spring training before setting out on a likely modified schedule into October. The All-Star game will likely be affected, the first-year player draft may get skipped, and in all likelihood fans won’t be allowed in the stands… and that’s ok.

Because baseball would be back, and we would be on track for some sense of normalcy once again.

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Clint Pasillas

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