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With Will Smith Trade, Dodgers and Giants would be only Fourth in 60 Years

Ask any Dodger fan what is the biggest weakness of this year’s Dodgers team and they’re instantly going to tell you that it’s the bullpen. Despite signing Joe Kelly to a 3 year, $25 million dollar contract, which was suppose to bolster the middle relief and set up Kenley Jansen, the bullpen has suffered from inconsistency and health issues.

  • Tony Cingrani has gone down for the season with a season-ending shoulder injury.
  • Scott Alexander has forearm issues.
  • Ross Stripling has been in and out of the rotation.
  • Yimi Garcia is either giving up pop-ups or home runs.
  • Caleb Ferguson is still young and figuring out the pace of the game.
  • Julio Urias is under the watchful eye of a pitch count.
  • And Kenley Jansen is starting to learn about life outside of his cutter.

Today, Jon Morosi of the MLB Network tweeted out that despite pulling off only 3 trades in the last 60 years, we shouldn’t rule out the Giants and Dodgers from exploring a trade, now that Farhan Zaidi is at the helm of the Giants Organization.

Will Smith so far this season:

  • 1-0
  • 2.01 ERA
  • 2.10 FIP
  • 0.77 WHIP
  • 32 Games
  • 20 saves

The goal is to not let Zaidi fleece us for too much of our farm system. With our own Will Smith, Matt Beaty and Alex Verdugo proving this past weekend that the Dodgers are pretty stocked.

If anything, this is the year to go for it, so maybe paying a premium for a proven reliever is worth it for a real shot at a World Series title this year.

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  1. Hi Can someone list those trades? Did any of them involve Tom Haller and/or Jim Levebvre (spelling?). I know that Juan Marichal ended up with the Dodgers, but was that as a free agent? My memory is not great these days, but was there a young Latino outfielder with some pop in his bat? PHH

  2. How can we give up our Fresh Prince, though? He’s been a complete asset on the field and I’d really hate to see him go, ESPECIALLY to the Giants. That’s just demoralizing. 🙁

    1. Were going after a relief pitcher from Giants with same name. Pitchers name is Will Smith also. Were not giving up Will Smith the catcher.

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