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Xander Bogaerts Rumors: Boston Reporter Links Dodgers to Free Agent

The Dodgers are heavily involved in the shortstop market, both in free agency and trades. What they do at shortstop could steer their entire offseason approach to an extent, so there’s a lot of interest and intrigued to see how they fill their hole at short.

Boston Spanish-language reporter Marino Pepén has an eye-catching new entry into the L.A. shortstop sweepstakes.

According to Google Translate, this tweet says:

Good morning my people!!!
Happy Sunday!!!

Xander Bogaerts is the most desirable SS on the FA market. Among those interested are #Phillies, #RedSox and #Padres. #Dodgers, #Cubs and #Twins are added.

The #Cardinals at the moment have only investigated…

We continue, Positive and OK.

The inclusion of the Padres on this list is interesting, suggesting maybe they don’t have much confidence in Ha-Seong Kim at short if they decide to move Fernando Tatis Jr. to the outfield. It’s not surprising to see Los Angeles linked to Bogaerts, though, simply because they need a shortstop and he’s a very good one.

Bogaerts has been a consistently excellent hitter the past five seasons, and he had his best defensive season in 2022, staving off the talk of a position change being imminently necessary. MLB Trade Rumors predicts Bogaerts will receive a seven-year, $189 million deal for an average annual value (AAV) of $27 million.

As the old saying goes, you’re not really a big free agent until you’ve been linked to the Dodgers in rumors, so Bogaerts has now made the big time. Time will tell how realistic the rumors are.

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Jeff Snider

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  1. Boston won’t commit much money to him because he doesn’t have the range to play SS with no shift. He needs to move to third which will make Muncy redundant because Max can’t play second without a shift. Speed and range is now needed to play middle infield again with the shift going away.

    1. The shift restrictions are quite relevant! Which is why we probably won’t see Busch, Muncy and possibly Vargas at 2b much next year. Busch is said to be able to play LF; Vargas is likely 3b and DH and Muncy the same. All this makes resigning JT a bit redundant unfortunately for other than the bench and a mentor. Lux ends up staying at 2b and we acquire a SS. Does JT end up being an upgraded Hanser Alberto?

    2. You’re right about that. That is why the Dodgers must make Trea a priority. Offer him something that’s top dollar for a SS. With the new rule changes coming, an athletic Trea would benefit both defensively and offensively. The middle infielders need to be athletic and savvy. Plant Muncy at third where he did just fine .

      1. Trea Turner is done in LA. He would rather be on the east coast which is why the Philly interest make sense, and which would also reunite him with his Nationals buddy Bryce Harper. The Dodgers will not pay him 30 mil plus when they have internal and trade options as well as more economic free agent options like Xander Bogaerts who,would be reunited with former bud Mookie Betts.

        Get used to it. Trea Turner will not be signing with the Dodgers, unless Hell freezes over.

  2. If we don’t resign Trea, trade for Adames, and are not confident in Lux at SS, then by all means, sign Bogie.

  3. Unfortunately, Muncy’s best position is not available – 1st base. If Belli ends up Chicago’s first baseman, I won’t be surprised to see his career turn around. Ya, the Dodgers like player flexibility yada yada, but at what cost?

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