Fan In Japan Does Yasiel Puig Impersonation (VIDEO)


Weeks after the 2014 season concluded, Yasiel Puig was part of an MLB team of All-Stars that participated in the Japan All-Star Series.

Puig was joined by Los Angeles Dodgers teammate Drew Butera and while Puig is undeniably the bigger star, Butera’s pitching ability drew praise. As he’s routinely done in the past, Puig utilized his social media counts to detail his experiences.

Of the postings on Puig’s Instagram during his time in Japan, the odds-on best post was a video of a baseball fan doing an impersonation of Puig. The video begins with Puig asking the fan to do an impersonation of Robinson Cano before someone off camera suggests he do one of Puig instead.

While initial perception may have been to expect a swing followed by a bat flip, the fan instead went with pointing and yelling, much to Puig’s amusement. The energetic outfielder had dustups with Madison Bumgarner on two occasions last season and though he didn’t necessarily do much to ignite, a benches-clearing situation in Game 1 of the NLDS.

As for matters on the field, Puig supplied the usual highlights both with his bat and glove. Since the conclusion of the All-Star Japan Series, Puig has moved on to chronicling his first time visiting Las Vegas.

Imitación a mi en el béisbol en las calles de Tokio

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