Yasiel Puig’s Activation Leads to Trade Talks

The Dodgers officially activated Yasiel Puig for last night’s game against the Nationals. Puig had not played in a game since June 2nd against Chicago. The Dodgers right fielder has been battling a hamstring injury which landed him on the 15-day disabled list. Puig was originally scheduled to be activated on Monday against the Nationals but it was pushed back a day.

When asked why Puig’s activation was pushed back, Roberts said, “We had him scheduled for today, but I think it’s just to give him an extra day.” “To give him an extra day and also get Trayce and Howie back in there, with that continuity, I felt that was the right thing to do.”

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It’s not surprising that the Dodgers were willing to bring Puig back a day later. After a hot start during the first week of the season, Puig slowed down considerably and was batting .237 with 5 home runs and 20 RBI in 53 games before landing on the disabled list. Also since June 3rd, the day that Puig was placed on the disabled list, the Dodgers have a record of 11-6. Trayce Thompson has also embraced the role of the everyday right fielder and has played it extremely well. Because of how well he has played, it has been reported that Thompson may start even after Puig returns.

This has stirred up much debate among Dodgers fan about which player should get more playing time. Puig supporters typically point to the fact that he is still only 25-years-old and hasn’t hit his prime yet. Thompson supporters typically point to the fact that Thompson is the hot player and that he seems to live for the late inning long ball.

Some fans are so happy with Thompson’s performance that they have even gone as far as to say that they think Puig should be traded, preferably for another top of the rotation arm.


This has also led to multiple rumors about where Puig could end up. The general consensus seems to be that if the Dodgers move Puig it will be to either the Braves or the A’s for Julio Teheran or Sonny Gray respectively. This makes sense because for the Dodgers to move a young player like Puig they would want to make sure they got another young player under team control for a long time. Teheran, on the one hand, is only 25-years-old, would be under team control through 2019, and is owed only $26 million. Gray is slightly older, at 26-years-old, and overall is having a bad year with a 5.54 ERA. However, Gray is much more accomplished, finishing 3rd in the Cy Young voting last season and making his first All-Star game appearance.

Either pitcher would be a huge upgrade to a rotation which could use the boost.  Hyun-jin Ryu and Brandon McCarthy may be back sooner than later but both would be short term fixes. A player like Teheran or Gray would not only help this season, they would ensure a solid 1-2 punch for years to come.

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Chris Wolf

Chris was born in raised in Southern California where he attended CSULB. As a lifelong fan, Chris has strong opinions about all things Dodgers. He lives in the Bay Area, but proudly wears his Dodger Blue whenever he can. He is also the founder and editor of Dodgers Chatter.


  1. Honestly, it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to trade Puig right now.  Kendrick is performing decently, but we have so much pitching depth that I don’t see why the front office would feel the need to trade for a SP outside the organization.  Braves will be asking for quite the haul given what they received in the Miller trade, and unless Beane is blown away by our offer, I don’t see him trading Gray away for anything less than what the Braves would be asking of Tehran.

  2. I would hesitate to trade Puig. His attitude and work ethic have turned around. The man is showing up for work, has earned the respect of his team mates and is according to reports working hard on his hitting problem. An out fielder with potential of 5 tools are very rare. If Puig comes around the Dodgers will have one of the top 3 outfields defensively and offensively in baseball for many years to come and under control for several years. And there is a very talented outfielder Verdugo impressing everyone in the Minors.

    Puig has battled his bad habits with a bat but his defense has been Gold Glove caliber and his arm is possibly the best in baseball. 
    The addition of Thompson and Pederson make this an outfield most General Managers can only dream about. I would say lets let this one ride for awhile. We have Kendrick and SVS on the bench and they do a terrific job when playing the outfield is not our problem.
    This year in July they should have Wood, McCarthy, Ryu and Stripling ready to help…..
    I do not beleive they should make a huge trade unless they can get a game changer talent…..

    The Dodgers must decide who they believe will pitch next year and the years after. Next year they will have Kershaw and Maeda unless Kazmir does not opt out. There will be 3 slots with Ryu, Urias, Stripling, Wood, McCarthy and possibly DeLeon and Cotton attempting to show they should be considered. The year after there will probably be Buehler, Holmes, DeChong and possibly a couple of other International signed players ready to compete in the Spring.

  3. Puig simply cannot judge a breaking ball away from his swing. Madden calls this judgement the sixth tool and it can’t be taught. You have it or you don’t. He would have other five if he had the sixth.

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