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Dodgers: Pro-Choice Activists Bring Out Huge Banner at the Stadium

The Dodgers and Mets got to play a good game on Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles, treating fans to a very exciting game. It ended up going into extras and New York walked away with the series split. But it was a pretty great game all around. 

But one moment in the 4th inning had heads turning all around the stadium. That was when a group of Pro-choice activists unfurled an incredibly large banner in protest of the leaked draft that the Supreme Court would overturn Roe v Wade. They felt a Dodgers game was a good place to get the attention of the public. 

And did it ever get attention. The banner came all the way down from the Top Deck to the Reserve Level. The Dodgers security team quickly rushed in to have the banner removed from the game. So while it wasn’t up long, it did get the attention of everyone in the stadium within eyesight. 

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In case any Dodgers fans were wondering, it does not appear that the Astros have found their 2017 World Series banner yet. It was stolen from the plaza outside of their stadium at some point in the past week and has yet to be found. 

Kevin Pillar was hoping this comeback to the big leagues would have a much better story to it. But after breaking his shoulder on an awkward swing and then slide, the Dodgers outfielder will need to undergo surgery. That could put him out for the rest of the season.

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