Dodger Stadium Parking: Pricing, Tips, Rules Secrets and More!

Getting to Dodger Stadium can be one of the most stressful trips you take in the city of Los Angeles. With legendary traffic and winding roads leading you to the iconic baseball mecca, any prep and planning ahead of time can help fans go a long way.

We’re here to give you all the latest information when it comes to the parking experience and navigating around at Dodger Stadium. Of course, when traveling to and from the stadium, please exercise patience and adhere to traffic safety laws put in place by authorities.

Remember, you are navigating through people’s neighborhoods, so be courteous!

Dodger Stadium Map

If you plan on parking at the stadium, we start here. The good tips and secrets are below.

Where are the Parking Gate Entrances at Dodger Stadium?

  • Sunset Gate A is located at Stadium Way and Vin Scully Avenue – Lots 10, 11 & 12
  • Scott Gate B is located at Stadium Way and Scott Avenue – Lots 2 & 3
  • Golden State Gate C is located at Academy Rd and Academy Rd – Lots 3, 4, & 15
  • Academy Gate D is located at Academy Rd and Park St. – Lots 4, 5, 6, 7, & 15
  • Downtown Gate E is located at the 110 Freeway and Stadium Way – Lots 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10

How Much Does Parking Cost at Dodger Stadium?

Parking pricing for the regular season is as follows:

  • $27 for General Parking, when purchased in advance
  • $30 for General Parking at the gate on game day
  • $50 for Preferred Lots B, F, K, L, N, P are open to the non-season ticket holders – *Subject to Change
  • $50 at the gate on game day

The parking pass will be automatically added to your MLB Ballpark App (iOS and Android) if your account is appropriately linked. Here are FAQs from the MLB Ballpark website.

General Admission parking is usually directed to the lots closest to your point of entry. If you know the lot you desire to park in — something closer to your section — it is best practice to enter the stadium at the appropriate gate.

Free Parking Around Dodger Stadium

There are some free parking options just outside of Dodger Stadium. Here are the three streets you need to know:

  • Boyleston Ave
  • Lilac Terrace
  • Stadium Way (between Boyleston Ave and Vin Scully Ave)

Note: for special events at Dodger Stadium, these streets may be closed. And importantly, they fill up fast so arrive early.

Cheapest Places to Park at Dodger Stadium

The Dodgers offer offsite parking in Lots 13 and 14 on Stadium Way. Admission is $5 at the gate. This is just outside the stadium on Stadium Way at the LAFD training area. It will require a brisk uphill walk up through the Gate A entrance to get to the stadium.

How Much is Preferred and Reserved Parking at Dodger Stadium?

Preferred Parking is available to all season ticket holders, but the general public can pre-purchase preferred parking at Lots F, H & K, so be quick as it can sell out quick.

Reserved Parking is available at Lots F, K, B and N and starts at $5,600 for the season, but if money is no object to you, head over to Lots G & L for $8,000.

Pro Tip: Purchase Pre-Paid Parking at Dodger Stadium

The best tip is to pay for parking in advance. You can purchase your pre-paid parking pass by following this link.

The Dodgers website states: “if you would like to park in a specific area please consider purchasing Preferred Parking,” so do note that you cannot drive around the stadium to get to an optimum parking spot. You will be directed by stadium attendants to an open spot based on your gate of entry.

Disabled Parking at Dodger Stadium

Disabled parking spaces are located in preferred parking lots B, D, F, G, H, K, L, N, & P. Parking cashiers and attendants will direct those with a valid state-issued disabled parking permit and/or license plate to these areas.

The team offers a limited availability, courtesy ADA shuttle that is reserved for our guests with disabilities only. In order to arrange for this service once you have parked, you may call the Dodger Hotline at 323-224-2611 to have a shuttle dispatched to your location.

What Are Some Dodger Stadium Parking Secrets?

More details on secrets can be found on this page. But you can also watch this quick video below!

What time do the Gates Open for Games at Dodger Stadium?

The 5 Dodger Stadium parking entrances open two and a half (2.5) hours before the scheduled game time (regular season).

How fast can I drive at Dodger Stadium? What’s the speed limit?

The speed limit for Dodger Stadium parking lots is 14 miles per hour.

Can I tailgate at Dodger Stadium?

There is absolutely no tailgating allowed at Dodger Stadiums, so naturally, no consumption of alcohol is allowed in the parking area as well

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