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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Breaks Silence on His Allegations

Pitcher Trevor Bauer last picked up a baseball for the Dodgers back in July after MLB put the right-hander on administrative leave following allegations of sexual assault. Since then, the usually outspoken personality has remained mostly quiet on those allegations and his legal troubles. However, on Monday, the 31 year-old responded to a comment on Twitter where he seemingly shared what he feels is his side of the story.

The Twitter user responded in a thread that the pitcher was tagged in. The conversation discussed the allegations against Bauer.

What he did was wrong and uncalled for. I agree with that, but he’s still a person and a pitcher for the Dodgers. If MLB and/or the Dodgers cut him out completely, then that’s their decision, but at the end of the day, he is still a person just like you and me.

Bauer responded.

Only two people in the world know what actually happened. One of them hasn’t spoken about it yet. The other is a proven habitual liar that was deemed by a judge to have misled the court. Maybe think twice before deciding what was ‘wrong’ and ‘uncalled for’.

Of course, Bauer has kept his side of the story to himself. Instead opting to hide behind longwinded statements from his representation.

By all accounts, the pitcher remains under investigation and faces possible criminal charges. The case is in the hands of the LA Country District Attorney and no new information has been released to the public.

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