A.J. Ellis Says Dodgers Are On Same Page When It Matters

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Matt Kemp’s and Yasiel Puig’s dugout altercation has put the personalities that fill out the Los Angeles Dodgers’ roster under a microscope.

There’s no shortage of stars on the Dodgers’ roster, but whether they blend well together has been a topic of debate. Back in June, ESPN’s Buster Olney said the team was talented, but the pieces didn’t quite fit.

Considered one of the more understated players on the team, A.J. Ellis acknowledged different goals can at times come into play, via Bill Plaschke of the LA Times:

There definitely are a lot of very, very large personalities in our clubhouse, and sometimes guys are headed in different directions.”

However, Ellis also added the team unites once it comes time to play a game:

But I tell you what, we’re all together and headed in one direction, the right direction, when the game starts.”

One key that’s aided the Dodgers meshing is winning, Ellis said:

Clayton [Kershaw] said it first around here, but I’ll say it again — winning creates chemistry,” said Ellis. “Everyone on this team has turned that corner and is invested on the field and that’s all that counts. You’re winning and the bubble machine is going and everybody is happy.”

Carl Crawford refuted the notion that the Dodgers have a dysfunctional clubhouse and said all teams deal with various issues at one point or another. Issues such as Puig asking his teammates for help in his development, Crawford’s frustration with the outfield logjam and other topics have spilled into the media.

Despite some of the issues that have come about, the Dodgers have played well enough to claw their way to the top of the National League West. Their work isn’t done yet however, as their lead was cut to two games Wednesday and they’ll face the San Francisco Giants for a three-game series beginning Sept. 22.
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