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Could Don Mattingly Be Let Go If Dodgers Make Early Playoff Exit?

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly has had a roller coaster season as he was very close to losing his job early in the season and has now turned the team into World Series favorites.

However, Mattingly is operating without any security for next season and given the pressure the Dodgers are to reach and win the World Series, things could fall apart if they don’t live up to those expectations. Talking to John Ireland and Ramona Shelburne of ESPN Radio 710, baseball analyst Buster Olney weighed in on Mattingly’s future:

They have to make some inroads in the playoffs. I think if they start in October and they lose in the first round, I don’t think he’ll survive. I’ve heard enough in the industry that the Dodgers have had some questions about his game managing and it’d be open to evaluation. It’s clear, the Dodgers are the new Yankees and I think they’d make a change.

There have been situations where Mattingly bunts a runner already in scoring position at second base over to third and drives everyone crazy as he’s giving up an out to move a runner already into scoring position.

Regardless, Mattingly has done a great job giving his guys rest when needed as the Dodgers look to be hitting their stride again with a nice three-game winning streak. While he doesn’t put a premium on home field advantage, it’s looking more than likely that the Dodgers will start the NLDS on the road against the Cardinals.

With increased expectations, the Dodgers need to make noise in the playoffs unless Mattingly’s future with the organization could be in serious jeopardy.


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Ross Gasmer

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  1. Mattingly game mgt not the best and bench coach has not helped on some bonehead decisions.

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