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Dave Roberts ‘Feels Good’ About Dodgers’ Chances of Landing Shohei Ohtani

Tuesday marks the first day any real news regarding the Dodgers’ pursuit of Shohei Ohtani came out. In an interview at the Winter Meetings, Dave Roberts spoke candidly regarding Shohei Ohtani and where the team stands.

“I feel good about it,” Roberts said, “but, again, you know, he’s his own man, which we all respect. … He has a very good poker face. So, I think he was smiling inside. But I was just happy to spend some time with him. We all were.”

Dave Roberts

It makes sense that Roberts feels good about the recent meeting with the two-way superstar. All the moves the front office has made the last few offseasons were in preparation for this moment.

Roberts also reminded everyone of a very key point in this process, Ohtani is his own person. Regardless of what the Dodgers want or do, Ohtani will sign wherever he wants.

From top to bottom, the organization has done everything it can to woo Ohtani into signing with them. They have made it very clear that he is their top priority this offseason. Whether or not that is enough to bring him to LA will hopefully be seen in the coming days.

Photo Credit: Kyle Schwab-USA TODAY Sports

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  1. Bottom line here, if Ohtani wants to be here, fine. If he doesn’t want to be here, he’ll sign elsewhere, and that’s fine too.

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