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Diamondbacks Station Police On Horses To Guard Pool At Chase Field

The Arizona Diamondbacks were feeling salty after being swept by the Los Angeles Dodgers, but things were taken to a whole new level after the final out was record during Kenley Jansen’s save appearance in the 9th.

Officials at Chase Field made it clear that the Dodgers wouldn’t be disrespecting Arizona’s home field by jumping in their pool, and celebrating a win at their own expense.

There is humor surrounding this situation, but it wouldn’t have been the first time that the Dodgers had a pool party in Phoenix. The Boys in Blue jumped into that exact pool in September 2013, after clinching an NL West title against the Diamondbacks. It was simply embarrassing for Arizona, and their pride wouldn’t allow them to let Los Angeles do the same thing Monday night after winning Game 3.

What’s even more ridiculous is that they didn’t leave till past midnight!

Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts had already said that his players wouldn’t be celebrating in the pool, but the Arizona Diamondbacks made an all-out effort to ensure that it wouldn’t become a Dodgers monument once again!

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  1. Obviously they knew their dip shit team and Benedict Arnold Grienke were going to lose. Enjoy your long winter, D-Bags.

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