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Dodgers: ‘Adjustments’ Lead to Big Power Numbers from Max Muncy

If you missed Max Muncy’s latest home run, chances are you won’t have to wait long for the next one. The Dodgers’ slugger connected on dingers number 20 and 21 on Saturday, continuing a power surge that has seen him hit 18 over his last 51 games.

Max started the season slowly on the power front, hitting only 3 homers in his first 30 games on the season. Then, according to the All-Star, he and the Dodgers’ hitting coach staff got to work on his swing.

“We made some adjustments and they’re really starting to stick and it’s allowing me to react to a lot of pitches and get a good swing off on a lot of different pitches. That’s been the biggest difference. I think I’m able to react to balls better this year. I’ve always been a really good fastball hitter. But this year I feel like I’ve been able to react to a lot of different pitches and it’s not just selling out to the fastball anymore. I think it’s making me more of a complete hitter.”

After a broken finger sustained after getting hit by an errant pitch from former teammate Alex Wood last year during spring training 2.0, Muncy has off and on mentioned his struggles with inside pitches. More or less, he attributed it to a mental block that led to his worst regular season as a Dodger. Now he has put in the work to get back to being America’s Slugger.

After a 4 hit night, Max has his batting average back up to .278 on the season and still leads the National League in walks and on-base percentage. His .997 OPS only trails Padres star Fernando Tatis.

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  1. It’s great to see Max seeing and hitting the ball so well. Let’s hope he has a good series next week with the Midgets.

    On another topic why is Bellinger (continuing to hit well below the Mendoza Line) hitting so high up in the order. Of late he’s mostly as automatic an out as one of the relief pitchers batting. He simply looks lost at the plate.

    Adjustments? Recalibration? Rejigger?


    1. personally I think the dodgers need to dfa belli ASAP or non tender him during the off-season and leave him off the postseason roster. Dave should know better when a player is slumping miserably with such a high ceiling. I am personally just moving on completely from belli and focusing on our hot bats at the moment (Betts, Taylor, Turner, Muncy etc) and with them we could do amazing things.

      1. DFA’d is not the answer, but he should be given some sort of ultimatum on his approach. He is completely lost at the plate and seems to taking every strike out as “Oh Well”. There is zero passion in Belli right now and for Roberts to keep him in the lineup is just plain stupid. We just saw how well he did in the lead off stop, didn’t we. (sarcastic). His 2 strike approach is to try and hit the ball 500′, when we need a single or even a sac fly. I know I sure as hell would not offer him any large extensions.

    2. Check out previous editorial by Eric Eiulau on 7/10/21, “ What is wrong with Cody Bellinger’s swing 2021?” You’ll find his article and many posts and comments on Belli’s problems.

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