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Dodgers and Giants Opening Day Matchup to Air as ESPN National Broadcast

ESPN sure loves to air rivalry games on Opening Day and next season seems to be no different.

According to JP Hoornstra of the Southern California News Group, the Dodgers will take on the San Francisco Giants in the Opening Day afternoon matchup on ESPN this upcoming season.

What better matchup to put on national television than one of the greatest and historic rivalries in all of American sports?

The matchup will be broadcasted at 1 pm on March 26 with a game between the Houston Astros and Anaheim Angels following up at 4 pm.

Also according to Hoornstra, the Dodgers will be playing the Giants once again on April 5 as part of a Sunday Night Baseball broadcast on ESPN.


This always seems to happen so it comes as no surprise. Expect a good matchup as always despite the San Francisco Giants trending in a downward spiral and the Dodgers trending upwards. As it currently stands, expect the Opening Day pitching matchup to be one of the Dodgers’ core two starters — Buehler or Kershaw — or perhaps one of their offseason acquisitions against Johnny Cueto.

Who knows, maybe Gerrit Cole gets the ball on Opening Day!

Mark your calendars!

Daniel Preciado

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  1. Giants finished 29 games back of the Dodgers in 2019, 18.5 games back in 2018 and 40 games back in 2017………….so who wants to watch THAT on opening day anymore? Give us the Braves, Nationals or Cardinals!!!!! Somebody needs to clue in the schedule makers and television media types, this game (Giants) as an opener or closer, just does not have any allure any longer………NONE!

    1. Hello bluz1st. But we do know one thing here, and that is the Dodgers will NOT duplicate that 8 HR performance on last year’s Opening Day. And I don’t believe there is a fan around who would give the ball to Kershaw on Opening Day, not after fans wanted those exiting the parking lot after the game 5 elimination by having them run over Kershaw jerseys with their cars. Oh, and BTW, on Opening Day of 2018 the Dodgers were shut out by the Giants 1 to 0 due to a HR given up by CK himself. Then in game 2 of 2018 Jansen chimed in by giving up a game winning HR for another 1 to 0 loss….

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