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Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Wants David Price to Get a World Series Ring for 2020

The Dodgers were hopeful that they could slot in David Price behind Kershaw and Buehler in the starting rotation in 2020. After getting Price in the Mookie Betts deal, it looked as though the rotation was going to be anchored by veteran presence moving forward.

Unfortunately, that didn’t quite work out as the coronavirus pandemic threw the sports world for a loop. Price chose to sit out the season to keep his family safe, and the Dodgers were very understanding of his decision. 

As it turns out, the Dodgers managed just fine without him in a 60-game season. They ran through the Tampa Bay Rays in the World Series for their first title in 32 years, thanks in part to great starting pitching. 

With Price sitting the season out, that got a lot of fans asking questions. Not only do Dodgers fans want to know if Price will play in 2021, but they also want to know if Price gets a ring to celebrate the 2020 championship. Luckily, The Athletic’s Pedro Moura asked Andrew Friedman that question for us. 

That’s to our discretion. I would advocate for it. We haven’t gotten into who’s getting one yet.

Most Dodgers fans who paid any attention to headlines this season likely agree that Price deserves a ring. Several players and coaches talked about his impact on the team despite not being there in person, including regular communication with players after games. Price said himself that he made sure to be locked in to most games this year from home, and that’s probably not something that was expected of him. 

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  1. Give him a ring. He mentored some of our young pitchers. With a year to rehab and regenerate it will be interesting to see how effective Price is.
    I think the MLB will play once the players get the vaccine. But there will be some difficult negotiations first between the owners and players’ union.

  2. Every year teams give rings to employees that were never not on the field for their contributions off the field. By all accounts, Price was there for his team in a variety of ways. He deserves a ring.

  3. If David Price deserves a WS Ring, and did absolutely nothing to help the Dodgers win the 2020 WS, then I who did absolutely nothing to help the Dodgers win the 2020 WS should also have a ring! The logic works for me, I’d love a WS Ring, especially if we’re going to give WS Rings to the undeserving!

  4. The ring should go to those who contributed to the championship. Price did not participate in 2020 and now 2021 if looking doubtful to some extent. I have to vote no.

  5. With respect to Price, absolutely not should he get a ring.. It cheapens what took so hard to accomplish… Even to reach the playoffs, a team must overcome a lot of pain, and needless to mention ,the mental aspect of playing at such a high level…

  6. It’s like we do with our kids & grandkids, we give them all a trophy or ribbon for participating. Which, by the way, I strongly disagree with! No winners, no loosers, everyone is happy! Well, Mr. Price didn’t even participate!

  7. This is absolute garbage! The ring is for players who played and earned it. David Price may never even pitch one have for the Dodgers in a regular season. We owe him nothing. This is even worse than a participation trophy. Boooooooi!!!!

  8. David Price made a decision not to Pitch in 2020 and for that he he never stepped on the mound for any of the 78 games played including the playoffs and WS. I would give one to Chicken Strip as he was traded 8/2/20 to Toronto but Price no way ! He has a ring when he pitched for Boston in 2018. Is Friedman going to give him another ring in 2021 when he doesn’t pitch again . Why not give one to Rick Honeycutt who was instrumental with this pitching staff for years Kershaw , Jensen , Buehler, Baez, Wood ,Urias .I was in Arlington TX to watch the last 2 games of the World Series and when they hoisted the trophy the last person I thought about was PRICE .

    1. I agree he got his with Boston he doesn’t need a cheap one. Stripling will get one because he partook in the 2020 season with the team, I believe that’s how it works

  9. I agree with a lot of your other comments. David Price was not present to help win the world series. He opt out, so why should get one. The ones that worked and help should get one but the ones that didn’t even stepped in the field SHOULD NOT !!!!!

  10. Whatever. Could we give him a ring and then trade him for prospects and sign Bauer to a one year deal?

  11. Yet David Price mentored all the young pitchers the Dodgers had. He was in touch constantly with the ball club and offered advice.If all you know it all’s truly followed the club then you would know that he contributed with out being there. I’m betting he pitches in 2021 so you may be wrong there too. And I’m betting dollars to donuts that Stripling gets a ring too.

  12. No… ring for David Price. That is one thing that is wrong with this country now. Too many gimme’s to people who do nothing to earn them. Ross Stripling yes….Price no.

  13. Just as important as the mentoring was Price’s gift of $1000 in May, in the middle of the first wave of the epidemic, to over 200 (YOU do the math…)Dodger minor-leaguers to help them make it through the Covid-cancelled minor league season. As you’re all well-informed Dodger fans, I’m sure that you knew about that. (Or maybe you didn’t…). On the other hand, if the Dodgers had won in 2017, I would have been livid if Adrian Gonzalez had been given a World Series share (did he get a playoff share?I’ve looked that up in the past, never finding an answer). I’m sure that most of you are also aware of his flippant and uninvolved behavior in September of 2017 (speding a week in Italy during the playoffs) once it became clear that he didn’t have a role to play on the playoff roster. Price deserves a playoff share much more than Gonzalez did…

    1. I’m still confused as to what his financial dealings have to do with him *earning* a ring by playing baseball. By your logic, I could have sent Dustin May a “I believe in you” card during that time, and the motivation I provided May would earn me the right of a World Series championship ring. Don’t play coy with the facts. Price collected money for sitting his bloated-contract ass down on a couch (purpotedly watching “most” Dodgers games, but that’s as far-fetched as your reason he should “earn” a ring). The operative word here being “earned”. Friedman is just saying this in hope that Price will decide to play this year, personally I’m all for him sitting out indefinitely.

      Here’s the thing that you leave out: During the COVID season, all players who opted out received money for not playing. “Veteran major leaguers will receive $4,775 per day, for a total of $286,500 over the 60-day span in question” as per CBS sports and MLB dot com. So if I’m doing the math, Price gave away money for doing nothing, yet still made almost $100,000 for sitting his lazy ass down on the couch with his family. Even if it is a loan (which is unclear if it is for every situation, as the teams have covered that in many instances), it won’t be returned with any interest and will be completely cancelled if they sit out the next season.

      When you present one side of an argument, don’t conveniently forget to mention important facts like this. Also conveniently left out, “As for those lower on the MLB rung, Blum writes: ‘Less veteran players receive smaller amounts specified in the agreement: $16,500, $30,000 or $60,000, depending on the contract.’
      Players not yet eligible for arbitration — i.e., those with less than three years of major league service time, in most instances — will receive those lower payments…Broadly speaking, minor leaguers with some MLB experience will receive $500 a day, while players who have exhausted rookie status while still not being eligible for arbitration will receive $1,000 per day.”

      Price should not receive a ring because he did not participate one inning of play for the Dodgers, that’s the bottom line. The bullcrap reason you give doesn’t pass the smell test, or the fact check, either. The only way he gets a ring is if he decides to be a professional, and play the upcoming season LIKE EVERY OTHER DODGER WHO PLAYED KNOWING THE RISKS! Justin Turner should get two rings if Price gets one. You gasbag.

  14. What’s more important regarding Price in 2021. If he sits out his 16 million could used on 1) to extend Seager or 2)Sign Turner (12,5 ) and use 3.5 towards Hand. Or even trade Ruiz and 2-3 prospects for Snell (10 mil)

  15. He was hired as a pitcher, he opted out of the season so he shouldn’t get shit, sitting at home when he had no reason to and he talked to players oh wow that had to be the missing piece for the last 30 years. If he does get one I hope he sells it for that extra $$$. The one he got from Boston is better cause he actually played.

  16. If he pitches this season and they win the world series give him 2020 ring and the earned and well deserved 2021 ring. David Price is a stand out player and wonderful family man. While the Dodger blue were grinding each game it was Price that was texting and manning the phones peppering enthusiastic bits of wisdom.

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