Dodgers: Big Names Finally Report to Summer Camp

The Dodgers got Kenley Jansen back this week, arguably the most important name on the list of people yet to appear. Dave Roberts also shared that he was expecting a few other names back in his press conference this past Monday. 

This afternoon, it was revealed that three players had already made a return, relatively unannounced. AJ Pollock, Pedro Baez, and Scott Alexander have all shown up for the Dodgers’ Summer Camp in preparation for the season.


Baez was seen throwing off of the mound on Monday, so his arrival wasn’t so much of a surprise. But the additions of AJ Pollock and Scott Alexander caught a few of us off guard. Pollock just had a daughter than has had to spend some time in the NICU, while Scott Alexander has Type 1 diabetes. Both of these guys were thought of as prime opt-out candidates for the Dodgers.

Nevertheless, all of these guys are back and camp and seem to have chosen to play this season. Pollock was even spotted taking batting practice with the team ahead of their intrasquad game on Tuesday. 

Scott Alexander reportedly already has thrown a bullpen according to Dave Roberts. Pedro Baez was working on some flat-ground work, but Doc anticipates he will indeed be ready to go by Opening Day. The Dodgers look ready to roll, as the first game is just over a week away. 

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  1. Yeah, well, the biggest name is not, and will not be there…ME! I’m forced to sit the season out and watch from home…I’ve tested positive for disapointed. I will sit back in my recliner and yell at the TV with no one but the dog to hear. “Roberts! Don’t use Taylor to pinch hit!” And you know what? My livingroom does not smell like Dodger Stadium… True, I can dump out some beer and grind peanut shells under my feet, but it will not be the same…..

  2. In this time of uncertainty, where our world seems on the verge of black despair, one thing that will go a long way in restoring HOPE, FAITH, BROTHERHOOD, and GOODWILL TOWARDS OUR FELLOW MAN, is for our Dodgers to win a championship!!!! In no way, am I making light of all the serious situations that we’ve all had to deal with in the past year. I am someone who believes WHOLEHEARTEDLY,that everything happens for a reason. So it’s quite possible, that we were robbed by Houston just a couple years ago, so that in 2020,when we need some joy in our lives more than ever before, that our BOYS IN BLUE, are gonna smash all others, in route to returning the CHAMPIONSHIP to LOS ANGELES,where it belongs!!! Let’s go DODGERS!!

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