Dodgers: Blake Snell Traded to San Diego, How Will the Padres Power Move Impact LA?

After a cold start to the winter, the MLB hot stove heated up in a big way thanks to a blockbuster trade between the Tampa Bay Rays and the San Diego Padres.

Over the weekend, the Rays agreed to send 2018 Cy Young award winner Blake Snell to the Padres in exchange for four prospects headlined by right-handed power pitching prospect Luis Patiño.

We discuss whether Blake Snell is the game-changer that will put the Padres over the top in the NL West and how the move could impact the Dodgers offseason plans. Plus, are the Dodgers positioning themselves to make a big off-season splash?


As the latest World Series odds drop for MLB after this move, San Diego is pulling closer to the boys in blue in 2021. How would you play this if you were the GM of the Dodgers? Would you respond immediately or continue to play it slow and steady?


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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


      1. Absolutely concur. Our Dodgers are definitely driving the Padres’ pitching acquisitions, and we need to strategically counter. Aside from securing the contracts that we need to, obtaining RHBs to combat LHP should be a significant priority. We know our weaknesses as does the competition, and Snell was an absolute nightmare Game 6. From hereon, owning the Division is no longer a given and we need to be prepared for our newly formidable opponent.

    1. Would you rather have Buehler / Kershaw or Darvish / Snell? I think the Dodgers still have the better 1-2 punch when you compare the two. Padres have improved – but perhaps this makes Dodgers make the choice to add another power arm or a few more bats

      1. Snell is good. Darvish has proven conclusively that he cannot pitch in big games.

  1. Even if they get Baur they’re still short cause only ace is snell,Yu dar is not consistent against Dodger’s 4 aces Kershaw Urias ,Buhler and May. With Gonsolin close to being another ace. Nobody is close to the Dodgers plus Padres only have Tatis and Machado hosmer not a big power threat to Dodgers big guns Bellinger Betts 2 mvp’s Seager will battle for mvp and will win one or two.Padres no mvp’s. Sorry but not close.Dodgers will runaway with the division again.

    1. Dinelson Lamet is probably the best pitcher on the Pads staff but he’s still struggling with a shoulder issue. SD has certainly gotten better – and they were tough last year – so it’s no longer a runaway, but your point is taken – the Dodgers are still the better team.

    2. Snell, Clevenger, and Lamet are ace’s. Not to mention Yu, and Paddock on the back end. Dodgers have Buhler and Kershaw, and Kershaw is facing a full season this year. Urias, May and Gonsolin are all Paddock material. That’s the difference. We could benefit from having another ace to bridge between Buhler and Kershaw to allow Kershaw enough rest for a playoff run, less stress on our young guys, and developing them more.

  2. Forgot Muncy 40 hrs this year,Mookie 38 or more,Bellinger 45 or more Cory Seager 320+ average,37 + hrs,120+ rbis Padres Rios if he plays everyday 38+ hrs Padres can’t compete forgot will smith at least 28 hrs,Aj pollock 30 + hrs Between Taylor and Lux at second more than 30 hrs Padres can’t compete.

  3. Something to consider Machado not being signed by the Dodgers. Darvish banished from LA after the 2017 WS. Snell being pulled in last year’s WS. Make no mistake the Padres are making a statement building there team by getting players that have hunger against the Dodgers. We need to counter this move by the Pads by acquiring Bauer and a RHB.

  4. Resign Justin Turner. Then sign Bauer and/or Hendricks. Talk to Lux to support him coming to camp more ready in spring, and we should be fine. Padres are making a lot of noise. They have made some strong moves, but desperate moves. And it is just that… noise. We will see as the 2021 season is played out. Go Dodgers!!

  5. You are forgetting Clevenger, Paddock, and Lamet. and that is more depth than our starters. And also what benefited Kershaw last year? A short season. We don’t have that this year. We need a bridge between Buhler and Kershaw to allow him ample amounts of rest for the playoffs and to give our younger guys less pressure and more development. That is why you make a move for Bauer and we have plenty of assets to do it.

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