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Dodgers: Chris Taylor Expected to Reject Qualifying Offer

Rumors and reports are ramping up at the annual GM meetings this week. However, as usual, the reports are more filler than substance as the offseason just barely gets going in earnest. As you likely know by now, the Dodgers currently have 12 free agents from the 2021 team out on the open market. And each player is in the early stages of feeling out the market.

Of the several reports out of Carlsbad involving Dodgers players and potential free agent targets, this one should mostly come as no surprise. MLB insider Jon Heyman tweeted that Chris Taylor is expected to reject the qualifying offer.

The Dodgers extended qualifying offers to Taylor and shortstop Corey Seager last week. Seager has already rejected the 1-year, $18.4 million QO from LA as he seeks a multi-year, multimillion-dollar deal in free agency.

With Taylor, there was at least a bit of hesitancy to presume he would reject the QO. Firstly, $18.4 million is a lot of money. Additionally, with several premium shortstops on the free agent market at the same time, perhaps taking the 1-year guarantee and re-entering the market as one of the top position players capable of playing shortstop next offseason could prove to be more lucrative.

Either way, the utility man is going to get paid this offseason, this is undeniable. And this offseason he can do so as a shortstop or outfielder or even a second baseman. MLB Trade Rumors projects a 4-year, $64 million deal for CT3 this winter.

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  1. I’m surprised they offered him the 18.4 million. He a good player but it’s a lot more than Muncy and Pollack get and he is a notch below them. Writers on these blogs tend to get to excited by one great postseason game, and
    go overboard in their assessment of a players worth. He should take the offer and wait for next year to be a free agent. This union/owners thing could screw everything up for the whole winter into spring.

    1. I see CT3 and Kike as similar players, kind of a super utility player with power. Their numbers are similar, both hit 20HR, 73RBI for CT and 60 for Kike, 585 vs 582 AB. But Kike only made 6M this year and 8M next year. Is CT3 that much better? Not to this armchair GM. He might just get burned come contract time whomever he signs with, that 18M qualifying offer is a whole lot of money.

      That said, I do hope they sign him, it will leave a hole if they don’t.

  2. Can’t agree more. If Friedham is to sign any of the Free agents….CT3 is the one. If the Dodgers lose him…..there is nobody that can replace him. NOBODY. If JT can get $34m for 2 years, CT3 should get at least $75-$80mil for 4 years. Just give him $100mi and a 4year contract w/ a optional 5th year.

  3. Man I’m seeing fans submit crazy numbers for his services – as high as 25M a year. With Clayton off the books, the highest paid Dodger in 2022 (without considering Bauer) is Mookie at 22.5M. Do people actually believe CT3 should be the highest paid player on the team? I’m a huge CT3 fan but that’s absurd. He should take the 18.4M. It pays him more than he will get in any year of new contract with anyone, gives him another year to negotiate an extension – where he wants to stay – without a draft pick connected with leaving, and allows him to strike a deal AFTER the new CBA is in place.

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