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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Talks Waiting For That Ring

2020 World Series Champion, Clayton Kershaw, recently joined MLB Network’s Intentional Talk to discuss a bit of offseason baseball. Oh, and those world champion Dodgers. “IT” host Chris Rose — in his final few days with the network — began the laugh-filled interview by offering Kersh some workout advice in the form of biceps curls using the weight of his new World Series ring

Clayton, after 13 seasons of waiting, understandably was quite happy when talking about finally getting that ring.

I can’t wait to see that thing. I’m just still so excited. It’s just gonna be unbelievable. To get to see that and really that whole experience and just to get to celebrate and just be a part of it after so many years of not winning to finally win is just… It’s an unbelievable feeling.

The Dodgers’ ace had been to the playoffs 9 previous times, each time falling short of the ultimate goal. Along the way, the narrative grew that he was “not a big game pitcher” in October. Now, after admittedly taking something of a backseat in the 2020 postseason, CK22 finally gets to bring home the precious.

Dodger fans can’t wait to celebrate with not only our boys in blue one day soon, but the Lake Show purple and gold as well. Here’s to hoping we all get to experience this champion feeling again in 2021.

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