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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Discusses Lunch and His Love For Spam

Undeniably, there’s nothing like a Cody Bellinger interview on random subjects. Moreover, Bellinger has been spending the holidays in Hawaii. This is important because during a recent interview over the weekend, he was asked about his feelings on the local cuisine.

While Bellinger had no idea what ‘plate lunch’ was, he weighed in on a few other subjects. As only the 2019 NL MVP can do, he eloquently takes us through his thoughts on lunch.

Most importantly, Bellinger is a fan of Spam.

“What is Spam? A meat? Yeah, Spam. I like that a lot.”

Now how about that? Bellinger didn’t know what plate lunch was, but his pallet took to Spam. Furthermore, the Los Angeles Dodgers as an organization may have to take note of this and add it to the postgame meal spread in the clubhouse spread in 2020.

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Remember, Bellinger is an ice-cream bar aficionado and was once handed a pineapple and didn’t know what it was. Now, he’s speaking towards the virtues of Spam.

Finally, think back when Bellinger did the commercial for BMW vehicles. First, Bellinger has not done a ton of commercials when thinking in terms of being an MVP. Perhaps Spam could find a spokesperson for their product in an original way here. What are the odds of a guy who likes Spam and drives a BMW being an actual person? This could tap into many different demographics.

Obviously – we are all blessed to have Cody Bellinger – perhaps more than we realize.

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