Dodgers: Cody Bellinger vs Aaron Judge Career Comparisons

Cody Bellinger vs. Aaron Judge. That was a hot topic in 2017 when fans were debating on who was having the better rookie season. They were debating on who would be the better player of the two. Now, let’s take a look at the numbers, and see who has the edge.

In 2017, Judge had the edge on Cody Bellinger in every category.

Cody Bellinger 480 128 87 39 97 .267 .933
Aaron Judge 542 154 128 52 114 .284 1.049

Both players won the Rookie of the Year award in their respective leagues. However, it’s important to note that Aaron Judge did play in 27 games during the 2016 season, compared to Bellinger not debuting until the 2017 season.

They were both named All-Stars, Bellinger was 9th in MVP voting, and Judge was 2nd in MVP voting.

In 2018, Bellinger didn’t have too bright of a season, but Judge did.

Cody Bellinger 557 145 84 25 76 .260 .814
Aaron Judge 413 115 77 27 67 .278 .919

In 2018, Bellinger was not named an All-Star, but Aaron Judge was. He was also 12th in MVP voting. Bellinger did struggle in his second year, but that didn’t keep him down. He got right back up, trained harder, and looked to improve, going into the 2019 season.

In 2019, so far, Bellinger has by far been the better player of the two, and arguably the Most Valuable Player of the Year as well.

Cody Bellinger 445 142 101 42 100 .317 1.082
Aaron Judge 262 68 49 13 34 .260 .933

Aaron Judge has been rattled with injuries this season, and people could argue that this is not a fair assertion, but, let’s keep this in mind. However, let’s give credit where is credit is due. Cody Bellinger is 1st in MVP voting thus far in the National League. Bellinger is ranked 3rd in batting average, 1st in HR’s, T-3 in RBI, and 1st in WAR in the NL.

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Bellinger’s 2019 season is similar to Judge’s 2017 season. But what makes Bellinger’s season so special is, that we’re still in August, so there is still time for Bellinger to pile on the stats before October.

The Dodgers are heading into the weekend series with a record of 85-44, and the Yankees are heading in with a record of 83-45. It will be a battle for the ages, and a potential World Series preview as well.

As mentioned earlier, the Bellinger vs. Judge comparisons are slowly going extinct, and Yankee fans will still try to argue Judge is better, due to his success in the 2017-2018 season.

Bellinger and Judge both won Rookie of the Year in 2017. Judge had a better year than Bellinger did in 2018. But, this season, Bellinger has pulled away from Judge. Bellinger is on track to win MVP, something that Judge could not achieve in his memorable 2017 season.

Both players are great, and they will likely be the faces of Major League Baseball for the foreseeable future. This weekend will undoubtedly be a fun exhibition of two the premiere talents in the game.

Levon Satamian

My name is Levon Satamian. I am currently attending Cal State Northridge, and majoring in Broadcast Journalism.


  1. If one believes in you trends and tendencies, it wiuld not be wise to out money on Bellinger. He has fallen from a 435 batting average in June to what is now at 316. He has had too many 1 for 10m 3 for 12 batting performances. There will need ti be a revival or upswing un numbers for Bellunger to take the coveted prize.

  2. maybe we should’nt expect too much from Cody Bellinger, maybe this is him, this is as good as it gets, at this pace he will be under 300. having said thats not a bad season we’ll see. Pulling for you Codywork on it i think there is the possibiliy of greatness, up to you. work on it if you choose. to a 340 season 120 rbis at leasdt 50 HRs. lol go for it. you have to be able to hit good pitching, the pitcher being afraid of you. SWEET LUCK ALL YOU.

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