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Dodgers: Could Clayton Kershaw Retire After This Season? One Analyst Thinks So

It’s not out of the question whether Clayton Kershaw will retire soon after speculation over the last two seasons. One thing remains certain, only Kershaw truly knows when he will retire but an analyst believes this may finally be the year Dodgers fans say goodbye.

A legendary career for Kershaw that will surely end with a Hall of Fame induction, the left-hander signed a one year deal this offseason to come back for his 15th season in LA. This gives Kershaw the flexibility to decide if he wants to officially retire as a Dodger while giving the organization a team friendly deal.

It’s a win-win all around, but fans are left wondering how much more of Kershaw is left. Kershaw coming back after another All-Star selection and helping the Dodgers reach a franchise record in wins was far too enticing to not want to come back.

However at 35 years old how much more can Kershaw take? Kershaw battled injuries throughout the season, but perhaps a championship can be his main motive to finally retire. But, more likely, as one analyst put it on Bleacher Report, injuries could play the biggest role in his future.

It’s far from impossible to imagine Kershaw returning for his age-36 season in 2024, particularly if 2023 goes anywhere near as well for him as 2022. But if his performance declines and/or the injury bug takes further bites out of his arm or back, it’s likewise far from impossible to imagine him deciding he’s had enough.

Dodgers fans aren’t ready to see Kershaw retire, but fortunately it looks like he has enough left to keep the Dodgers in contention. It’s a long season ahead, but Kershaw is running back for at least one more season.

If it’s truly his final ride, Dodgers fans better hold on before the greatness of Kershaw is finally out the door.

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  1. CK will get his 200th win and ride off into the sunset. Too bad his best years were wasted under the McCourt ownership.

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