Dodgers Fans Chose Their Favorite Dodger Uniforms of All Time

When you think of the Dodgers, you think of that iconic color blue. Over the years, the Los-Angeles-by-way-of-Brooklyn franchise has donned some of the finest uniforms in all of sports. Most recently, the Dodger uniform was voted the best in the NL west by MLB fans. Even more recently, the Dodgers’ official Twitter account asked fans what their favorite more recent uniform was.

In fact, they asked fans to pick three out of nine tops from the last 20 years of play. Yes, there have been that many options.

Here are some of the results and the best responses.

Right off the bat, you know the number 1 option is in. 99.99% of users responded with 1 on their list.

From there, the responses are wild and vary in nature.

Jersey 2 — the classic road grey with Los Angeles across the front — was the next most popular. Understandably, folks wanted the team to rep their city. However, the argument could be made that the road Dodgers reps the club for the legions of fans that show up at road games.

Personally, my sleeper pick is number 7. The News Corp owned Dodgers was a nightmare era for sure. But these unis popped with a throwback flair seen in 70s-era jerseys (my official vote was 1, 6, 7).

Dodger Stadium organist and life-long Dodger fan Dieter Ruehle had a selection that you could not go wrong with…


Of course, there really were no wrong answers — even if you chose option 5. These are Dodger uniforms and they are all perfect just like our boys in blue!

Before we give way to your opinions in the comments below, I had to share perhaps the most thought out and accurate response from Twitter.

Nailed it.

Make your selections below! And tell us why you chose them!

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