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Dodgers Fans React to Josh Reddick’s Instagram Post

In case you haven’t seen by now, Josh Reddick posted a picture on Instagram wearing a shirt with “We Beat LA” on it on Friday. This was obviously met with some anger from Dodger fans who felt he was just trying to get back at his former organization and their fans.

You can see the picture here:

While some Dodgers fans were angry about this, some took the opportunity to have a good laugh.

@BeisbolFrank’s twitter post got a lot of love on twitter, and Josh Reddick actually responded!

It’s important to remember that Reddick is a former Dodger, and he was far from a fan favorite during his time in LA. He was brought over, along with Rich Hill, in a trade that sent Grant Holmes, Jharel Cotton, and Frankie Montas to Oakland. With all three of them being highly touted young pitchers, Reddick and Hill obviously had high expectations from fans. While Rich Hill lived up to those expectations and then some, Reddick did not as he struggled to produce for most of his brief 3 month tenure with the Dodgers. Reddick left as a free agent and signed with Houston after the season.

Reddick hit .258/.307/.335 with only 2 home run and 9 RBIs in 47 games with the Dodgers. His lack of power and big hits in his time in LA was a big disappointment for fans, and he felt that they let it be known whenever they could. He obviously still holds some ill will towards Dodger fans as he had some strong words to say heading into the World Series, courtesy of Pedro Moura:

It’s understandable that Reddick was unhappy with how he was treated as a Dodger, but to still harbor those feelings a year later is a bit surprising. Reddick had a good year for Houston, but he did not perform well when he had his chance for revenge against the Dodgers in the World Series, hitting .167/.231/.208 with no home runs or RBIs in 26 plate appearances.

How do you feel about Reddick’s post? Let us know in the comments!

Hunter Thompson

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  1. I’m sad he feels that way. He struggled when first came to the team but contributed down the stretch. He appeared to be a good teammate. Obviously he wants Dodger fans to still like him.

  2. He is like the dude on survivor who just hides and hangs low in the hopes that a real player will take him to the final.

  3. It’s kind of pathetic that he’s bragging but did nothing to help his team in the WS. And, he was the one who never produced for the Dodgers. He should remember that if the Dodgers had won any one of the close games they lost he would be being booed out of Houston too! He should be quiet and be greatful his team carried him through.

  4. I have no problem with his post. Whatever he can use to self motivate. LA booed him, and he had to man up and listen to those boos. His team won the WS, so now he gets to gloat and rub our faces in those boos. It will be all the better next year when the Dodgers meet the Stro’s again in the WS and take them apart, along with Reddick in particular. You can bet we will all rub his posts in his face then. That is what sports is all about. It is fun. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

  5. Nice picture of a Josh Reddick and his new toy, kinda like a picture of Roy Halladay and his new plane.

  6. I have friends in Houston who are diehard Astros fans and they don’t think highly of Reddick either. Yes, he got his ring but was scarcely a factor.

  7. I Still think they got lucky…
    Sometimes in sports you have to have Luck & they Did…
    Congrats to Them..that all i can Say..
    & From a Real Dodger Fan…
    I got to tell you that the Dodgers
    Have Being “World Series Champions” from the start of the Season…..the way i see it …
    Dodgers Accomplished alot as a Team this Past Season…they were unstoppable…thats why I Charles M Dunn….”BLEED TRUE BLUE”….
    & Houston Tx….here this cause you guys hate L.A.not only you but e very other team in sports seems to….
    Houston Tx and All you Haters out there…..Kiss our”HOLLYWOOD” Cal.
    “WE LOVE L.A.”…..B#*@&es…….

    Congrats Houston Fan Enjoy your Victory..witch is the 1st one right…

    Ohhhhh 1 more thing…
    We over here in Los Angeles California are trully Sorry for that
    Hurricane Damaged…im 1 of many people that Donated for a Good Cause….& yes im from L.A….

  8. He helped get the Astros to the series. He had an excellent year for them. The way he was treated by Dodger fans he has every right to gloat. Besides that he has a hott wife.

    1. When you’re a highly touted newcomer that can’t do JACK….perhaps because you are trying too hard…but none the less…don’t expect the fans to adore you!
      That’s Life so move on!!!

  9. If he produced as a Dodger, he wouldn’t have received a negative reaction. Before blaming Dodger fans, he should take responsibility for his poor performance.

  10. If he produced as a Dodger, he wouldn’t have received a negative reaction. Before blaming Dodger fans, he should take responsibility for his poor performance.

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