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Dodgers: Gavin Lux Talks About the Origin of the ‘Dunk on ‘Em’ Head Pat Celebration

Sometimes spring training is a little too long. Particularly if you’re the reigning world champs like the Dodgers were in March. (And still are, mind you.) However, some good or important things can come to pass through the long and drawn-out practice session.

And that’s what happened for the Dodgers.

It turns out that the famous “dunk on ’em” head pat celebration that we’ve seen a whole bunch this season originated in spring training. LA infielder Gavin Lux revealed the birth of dunking on them to MLB Network’s Alanna Rizzo on Friday morning.

One day I was sitting with Mookie [Betts] and I was like, ‘we gotta come up with something creative this year.’ Last year it was the ‘barrels are overrated’ and we’d shake our hands, but this year it was like when we score a run, or we hit a home run, RBI, double, triple to bring someone in, we got to do the head tap like the basketball guys do when they dunk on somebody. So, it’s basically us saying we dunked on you, but it’s all fun and games and nothing too serious. It kinda keeps us loose and that’s how we have fun. That’s how we play.

So far, so good with dunking on them. Despite a rough stretch where the team lost 15 of 20 games, LA sits just 1 game out of first place in the NL West and the best record in baseball.

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