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Dodgers: Hall of Fame Manager Tommy Lasorda Has Passed Away

There are some days where bringing you Dodgers news is the highlight of my day. This is not one of those days. Hall of Fame manager Tommy Lasorda has passed away at the age of 93, as confirmed today by the team.

Tommy had been suffering from issues with his heart as of late, landing him in the hospital for quite some time following the Dodgers Wolrd Series win. The most recent report was that he was able to return home after spending weeks in the Intensive Care Unit, and even more time under the care of doctors.

Tommy spent 71 seasons in total with the Dodgers in some capacity, with the last 14 years spent as a special advisor. Tommy leaves behind his wife Jo, who he married 70 years ago in April of 1950. He will be so very missed in Los Angeles, and there will truly never be anyone like Tommy.

Lasorda took over as manager of the Dodgers in 1976 when Walter Alston retired. Tommy would go on to win almost 1600 games, including 2 World Series and Gold Medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.


  1. To Tommy’s family I send you my heart felt symphy and love. I got to watch Tommy as he managed the LA Dodgers. Rest in Peace Tommy

  2. Rest in Peace, Tommy. From hearing you speak, you were a God fearing man, May you be resting in heaven, playing baseball with your buddies, Please say hi to my Father and Mother, both Dodger fans as well…My heartfelt condolences to the rest of you loving family….feel like crying Tommy!!! NEVER MET YOU, BUT LOVED YOU ANYWAYS…

  3. Hasta la Vista, Tommy Lasorda

    Former long-time Dodgers Manager and one of the all-time great baseball personalities Tommy Lasorda passed away late last night. Although I grew up in Texas, I’m a lifelong Dodgers fan, and just wanted to share a couple of stories here.

    Although I’m a lifelong Dodgers fan, the first time I ever became aware of Tommy Lasorda was in, I believe, 1975, when he was the 3rd base coach and the Dodgers were making a run at the World Series. The game was on NBC with Kubek and Garagiola calling it, and they had Lasorda miked up in the coach’s box.

    Lasorda chattered non-stop while the Dodgers were batting, and every time 3B Ron Cey came up, he talked about how hot Cey was at the plate. Cey hit 3 homers in that game, and Lasorda called every one of them. Twice, Cey hit the homer on the very next pitch after Lasorda predicted it. The third one took two pitches. It was the only game in which Cey hit 3 homers during his career.

    It was one of the most remarkable moments I’ve ever witnessed in any sporting event.

    Shortly after that day, Lasorda’s name came up in an episode of “Welcome Back, Kotter”:

    Arnold Horshack : Well, we gotta go. See ya later.

    Freddie ‘Boom Boom’ Washington : Take it easy.

    Juan Epstein : Hasta la vista.

    Vinnie Barbarino : Tommy Lasorda.

    When my kids were very young, I would use that comeback anytime someone said “hasta la vista” to me, which in Texas happened quite often. They quickly caught onto it, and it’s been a running gag in our family ever since. A few years ago, my then-2 year-old granddaughter tried to mimic it, but came back with “stormy novito!” instead, so now that’s the running gag in our family.

    The Dodgers played their NLCS and World Series games in Arlington, Texas this year due to all the COVID stuff, and Lasorda lived in a hotel nearby for a month so he could attend the games. That no doubt took a lot out of him, but I’m sure he’d have given anything to see the Dodgers win it all one more time. He went into the hospital shortly following the last game of the World Series, and was only able to return to his home around the first of the year. He died there last night, at the age of 93.

    A fantastic manager and just one of the all-time great baseball personalities, and one of the game’s great ambassadors.

    RIP, Tommy Lasorda.

  4. RIP Tommy Lasorda Dodger Great, Hall of Fame Manager World Champion and Always Bleeding Dodger Blue. So happy that he was able to see the Dodgers win the 2020 World Series in Arlington Texas just over 100 days ago. Tommy you can now Manage in Dodger Blue Heaven with the greats of the game Snider, Hodges, Newcome , Robinson, Gilliam, Reese .

  5. Sad, very sad day for me. Tommy always was a big favorite of mine going back to his days with Les Royaux de Montréal.The eight of January is Elvis’s date of birth. That is now tempered by the loss of another icon. Rest in peace Tommy and thanks for all the wonderful memories.
    Most sincere condolences to his wife and family.

  6. Tommy had a great life and made a lot of people happy on so many occasions. His presence will be missed by all Dodger fans everywhere. I can’t help but think of Vin Scully having lost his wife so recently and now to lose a friend of so many years also. The players though can take pride having won again before he departed.

  7. Sending all my love, condolences and prayers to the Lasorda family. I loved Tommy he was the best ever. I grew up with the Dodgers from the beginning when they came to Los Angeles. Tommy made the Dodgers. He made them fight and made them one complete team. He was a fighter and made the Dodgers what they were. RIP Tommy, you will be missed by all.

  8. There is more than enough titles to go around.. King of pop, rock, blues, godfather of soul to name a few.. But if there was anyone person that deserved the title, Mr. Baseball, its this great man that just passed away.. Not because he was the best batter, runner or fielder, but because he was the epitome of someone that dedicated his entire life to the sport of baseball. I can’t remember him speaking or having another passion in life… His pose and respect for the game, at least in my opinion, ears him the title of Mr. baseball.. May he rest in peace and the very best to his wife and family…

  9. My wife and I had tears streaming down our faces . Rest in peace Tommy and prayers go out to your family and your wife Jo . we are going to miss you really a lot . Thanks for the memories !!

  10. I worked at Dodger Stadium and met LaSorda many times. Also ran into him in Fullerton during my CSUF days… Was always a fun man!!! My sympathy to Jo and their children. Rest in Peace, Tommy!!!

  11. I agree He is Mr. Baseball! Saw him in Vero Beach holding court on one of the practice fields. The epitome of being a Loyal Dodger. Have followed my team from Bklyn to LA. He was always encouraging his team to get the most out of them. He bleed Dodger Blue! Elvis and Tommy on the same day! Glad he saw them win this year! May he Rest In Peace!

  12. I was born a Dodger fan in October of 1955 to my Brooklyn-born mother. I grew up in Indiana and got a morning newspaper route just so I could read if the Dodgers won before anyone else. I can’t think of one Dodger I admire more than any other, but I do know the 3 that I LOVE…..Sandy, Vin and Tommy. Make sure to check the schedule on his headstone to see where the Dodgers are playing that day if you go to visit his grave.
    Thanks for all the wonderful years of showing us how to love the Dodgers Tommy. I’ll miss you.

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