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Dodgers: Jerry Hairston Jr Worries the Mets Will Swoop in on Justin Turner

Every day that the Dodgers don’t sign Justin Turner, it seems stranger and stranger. The fact that JT didn’t sign immediately with Los Angeles seemed to indicate that Turner is open to other options and that LA could be ready to move on.  

Turner will likely have plenty of suitors looking for a quality right-handed bat on the market. While his defense at third is in steep decline, he can still bring some value with the leather. The fact that he reportedly wants a 4-year deal would not make him and the Dodgers a match for a deal. 

For SportsNet LA’s Jerry Hairston Jr, he still believes that Turner will be back with the Dodgers. But as he talked about today with John Hartung, he worries that a former team of JT’s with big pockets could steal him away. 

My heart is telling me that he will re-sign with the Los Angeles Dodgers, I really believe that they will get it done. But the longer this goes on and drags out, the team that scares me is the New York Mets. Steve Cohen and that franchise are trying to make moves and will make a couple more to bolster their lineup. If Justin Turner is sitting right there, they could cement him at third base for a couple of years. 

It would be quite the career arc if the Mets came in and swooped up JT last minute. Turer was cut by New York after the 2013 season, paving the way for the Dodgers to pick him up on a minor league deal. The rest is history, as JT became one of the most productive regular and postseason hitters for Los Angeles perhaps of all time. 

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Billionaire Steve Cohen just bought out the Mets this offseason, and he’s shown he means business. The team already acquired Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco in a blockbuster deal that is sure to have the Mets competing in 2021. After missing out on DJ LeMahieu, adding the Dodgers veteran in might not be a bad move. 

The Mets also just missed out on George Springer on Tuesday night, as he signed with the Blue Jays on a massive $150 million deal. JT could be that veteran right-handed bat that they’re looking for, especially at the cost he will come at. 

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    1. My guess is that about 95% of fan reaction won’t be too favorable should JT go to either Mets or Braves. Again, if MLB and the MLBPA could reach a DH decision, I think movement on certain players will accelerate. And for theife of me I just can’t see the Union accepting not having the DH back for 2021 and beyond.

      1. Since both the union and management are in favor of the DH that means….that it won’t happen. Because nothing better describes MLB labor relations than both sides shooting themselves in the foot.

      2. The union has no choice in the matter for 2021 as the current CBA does not allow the DH in the NL. But, I think MLB will trade off the DH for something else in 2021.

        1. Rule changes can and have taken place during the CBA and it just seems to be a difficult scenario forcing the issue of pitchers having to bat after a year away from the batters box Not having the DH certainly weakens the lineup somewhat as well, and it won’t be any safer for pitchers to bat than it was in 2020. And baseball as far as I’m concerned should not have to be played with separate rules for each league. With that said I sure hope the Union can somehow force this issue.

        2. Like expanded playoffs which were both HYPE and an absolute meme (after all, the Brewers made the playoffs even while Yelich forgot he was playing in the MLB and not a pickup basketball game against 4th graders).

  1. Not sure what is worse. Waiting on the Dodgers to make a “significant” off-season move this year or reading endless speculative stories about what they will or won’t or can’t do.. Now we have dropped to the point where there is “discussion: about “lukewarm” takes by analysts. Here’s a thought. Does bringing Turner back for 2-3 more years make the Dodgers a better team going forward? Or does it simply keep them where they are (arguably still the best team in the league)? And is it time to be looking at the future? Turner is not likely a major contributor more than two years out, even with the DH. For the first time in a generation the Dodgers are going into a season at the top. What do they need to do to stay there?

  2. Come on Andrew, Sign Justin Turner to four years, make the first two strong and make the second two filled with incentives! JT belongs in Dodger Blue….. Wake up Andrew and do the right thing! Also trade or purchase for a BIG Right Handed BAT!

    1. You know what Johnny C?? You’re right. I don’t know about 4 years, but Turner absolutely belongs in Dodger Blue. Especially since we’ll probably get the DH from now on! I’d be totally cool with signing Tuner to a 2-year contract, and then after that signing him to 1-year deals until he retires. My MAIN point was that I don’t want Turner and Semien. Also, Kike is great and clutch in the Championship Series and amazing and wonderful and funny and versatile and cool. So in summary: Turner should get 2 years to be our DH/occasional 1st or 3rd baseman; Kike should get 1 year, be our everyday 3rd baseman and get AT LEAST 500 plate appearances; Semien should play elsewhere; and we should trade Gonsolin and Ruiz for Luis Castillo. Thank you, the end.

  3. JT is waiting for the godfather deal he can’t refuse. He also might be a little miffed he took a discount last contract ans now he wants to be compensated. Hope he and the Dodgers can work out a deal.

  4. If Mets gives him 4 years good for JT.I don’t think Mets can overtake dodgers or padres relax everybody we have too much depth and best starting rotation

  5. Listen to your gut feeling. LA would not let him go but I would be surprised that LA does not sign JT LA needs him and my gut is telling me that LA has more than a 60% chance of signing him back up. I believe that JT wants to stay with LA He is a good leader and every one goes to him for a lot and I would like to see JT play and then retire with LA

  6. Don’t let the Mets swoop in on Turner and Hernandez. It’s bad enough the Padres are going all out to defeat us. The Mets will make some more moves don’t let it be our guys. The Nats and Braves are the two other NL threats. I still fear the dodgers will not bring back last years team or replace them with improvements. Chemistry matters

  7. Ned Colletti on Sports Net the other night reminded us of the saying that if a “GM starts listening to the fans he’ll soon be sitting with them.”
    The FO will do what’s best for the Dodgers.

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