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Dodgers: Justin Turner Takes Home the Roy Campanella Award

The Dodgers are unlike any organization in all of baseball. Their history of excellency runs deep, and the list of names to come through the organization is borderline legendary.

One of the most prestigious awards from the organization is the Roy Campanella award. It is voted on every year by the player that most exemplifies the spirit of leadership and excellence. This year, Justin Turner took home the award for the third time in his career.

It sort of comes as no surprise, as Turner is virtually the most respected player on the team. Along with Clayton Kershaw, he is easily one of the most prominent leaders in the Dodgers organization. 

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  1. I think Turner and Betts are the two complimentary leaders of this team. Kershaw is a leader too. But it’s different for pitchers. Turner brings the upbeat attitude. And Betts brings the intensity. Turner is the elder statesman of the team. Betts is the hot new arrival. They balance each other and bring a total leadership package.

  2. As I understand it, the RC Award recipient is selected by his clubhouse peers to recognize the player who best exemplifies the spirit and leadership of the Dodgers great catcher. My wife was there as a staff member when Justin and other Dodgers paid a visit to Saugus High School following the on campus shooting there. Their visit and support given to the schools students and staff and the enthusiasm that Justin showed as the leader of that effort was not missed by our community. Professional sports need more Justin Turners out there. Good choice Dodgers!

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