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Dodgers: Latest Bauer Talk, Best Free Agents Left LA Could Sign, MLB News and More | Blue Heaven Podcast

Happy New Year, Dodgers Nation! We start off the year discussing the Trevor Bauer situation as LA faces a Friday deadline on whether they keep or release the pitcher. We touch on some details and explore what the addition of his salary could mean for the payroll.

And we react to the most recent way-too-early MLB power rankings that have the Dodgers way down from the club’s usual perch atop baseball.

Next, we dive deep into what free agents are left on the free agent market as the Dodgers looking to fill holes in the rotation, outfield, and infield with the departures of Cody Bellinger, Justin Turner, Tyler Anderson, and Trea Turner. Will they sign the likes of Jose Iglesias, Andrew McCutchen, or Jurickson Profar? We also dive into some other MLB news like the Carlos Correa situation in New York and whether LA will be a player if he is made a free agent again.

We end off the show in the New Year spirit by going over what our Dodgers resolutions are for 2023!




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  1. At least keep him until his current performance and team fit can be evaluated in real time. What a waste of salary cap money if he’s outright released. I would also say the current Dodger starting pitching staff is not exactly full up t this point. I absolutely do NOT believe he should be let go due to his personal seemingly consensual life that we may not agree with.

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