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Dodgers Make Trade Mid-Game, Bring Back Former LA Pitcher From Pirates

The Los Angeles Dodgers have made a mid-game trade on Thursday.

The team announced they’ve traded for left-handed pitcher Jose Hernández from the Pittsburgh Pirates for cash considerations. Hernández was designated for assignment earlier this week and is now back with the organization that initially signed him in 2016.

Hernández, 26, signed with the Dodgers as an international free agent in 2016. He worked his way up the minor league ranks, until he joined the Pirates ahead of the 2022 season as a Rule 5 draft pick.

He made 50 appearances and had a 4.97 ERA in 2023, but has been ever better in 2024, sporting a 3.38 ERA in seven appearances.

The Dodgers clearly saw something they liked, and are bringing him back to the organization he spent the beginning of his career with.

Dodgers Move Ryan Brasier to 60-Day Injured List

To make room on the 40-man roster for Hernández, right-handed pitcher Ryan Brasier was placed on the 60-day injured list.

Brasier hasn’t pitched since April 27 with a calf strain, and doesn’t appear to be nearing a return.

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Noah Camras

Noah is an Editor for Dodgers Nation. He graduated from USC in 2022 with a B.A. in Journalism and minor in Sports Media Studies. He's been a Dodger fan his whole life, and his all-time favorite Dodgers are Matt Kemp and Russell Martin.


  1. Since the Rangers are in town can we trade Dave Robert’s for Bruce bochy please? The Dodgers will always under perform under Robert’s no matter how much money you spend

    1. Thank Rich…me & you think alike… they can climb the mountain, but just cannot make the top. They should have at least 2 more World Series championships under Mr Roberts, but always fail at the end……better yet choke!

    2. Dave Robert’s is always gonna keep the team from reaching their full potential

    3. Bochy would be an upgrade for every team in MLB! Roberts has def made mistakes in the playoffs but aside from ‘2020’ the players simply haven’t come through when it’s mattered most

      1. Pretending Roberts has no effect, influence or say in the players, how they perform or pitch is simply naive. Granted, he’s not swinging the bat, but he is supposed to manage the team. That has to mean more than just watching them smugly when they’re playing well and then looking completely and utterly lost when they don’t. He has no ability to make decisions to improve the team when they are struggling. This has been proven time and again.

  2. Just finished watching another pathetic, weak, inept, and uninspired performance from a Dodger team that lacks toughness, heart, and intensity. It’s our opinion, approaching the halfway mark of the 2024 season, that this team’s present attitude isn’t fierce enough to win a World Series, or even get there.
    The CULTURE is the problem. Bluntly speaking, it’s MARSHMALLOW SOFT, from the front office down to the Mr. Rogers, “Scoutmaster Dave,” manager. It’s a big reason why they’ve only won ONE, with an asterisk, World Series since 1988.
    No matter what you say, Mookie Betts is playing out of position, and concentrating way too much on mastering the shortstop position. Yes, he got off to a hot start, but does anyone think, as the long season wears on, it may also be wearing him out at the plate?
    The Dodgers line-up, apart from one through four, is unsettled for the most part. Every day, the roster seems to change. Roberts keeps playing his lineup based on the opposing pitcher, rather than using an everyday set lineup. An opposing left-hander gets to face a right-handed Dodger lineup; an opposing right-hander gets to face a left-handed Dodger lineup. With all the plater-shuffling, might there be a lack of continuity as a result?
    We have questioned Roberts’ ability to manage a name talent team for awhile. We believe he’s the wrong choice to lead this franchise since he’s as Soft as Mush, and it shows up and down the Dodgers lineup.
    Jason Heyward can’t hit his mother, and he’s a roster player as a favor to Freddie Freeman, but should ONLY be used as a defensive replacement, just as Roberts was in his career. Move Gavin Lux. He’s a marginal player, and will NEVER be a 1st rate major leaguer. who can be counted on to deliver in crunch time.
    Most EVERY Dodgers fan wonders WHY the Dodgers front office brass allowed Corey Seager to leave LA. One thing the Dodgers do have is money, yet they let the best shortstop in the Big Leagues go for a better money offer from Texas! It’s hard to forgive that move, and the geniuses who allowed it.
    Bottom line, the Dodgers put a good team on the field every year, but it’s not a formidable, brass knuckles tough team. Instead, we see a team of POSERS and OVER-RATED milque toast players.
    Hollywood is known for creating happy endings. The record doesn’t say it when it comes to Dodger baseball. Again, with all these high-priced, name players, and supposed top notch talent, LA has only won ONE championship in 35 years, and that was in the 2020 Covid regular season of 60 games.
    The LA sports media keeps praising the Dodgers, but it’s all a money-making, marketing ploy that continues to perpetuate the Dodger myth of baseball dominance. But, ‘you are what your record says you are,’ and with each Dodger season, over 34 of the past 35 seasons, it’s proven year in, and year out, to simply be devoid of dominant reality. LA can win 25 Division championships in a row, but if they can’t win the World Series, do the passionate Dodger fans really care?
    Historically, the Brooklyn and LA Dodgers have played in 21 World Series, and are 7-14, the most losses of any NL franchise, while the New York Yankees are the MLB leaders, 27 wins and 13 losses in 40 World Series appearances. The St. Louis Cardinals are second in World Series wins with 11 in 19 appearances, 4 more WS wins than LA. Yet, the national and local sports news media is ginned up to have the fans believe that the Dodgers (NO) and Yankees (YES) are the two best franchises in MLB.
    We’ve given you reasons why the Dodgers are good, but not good enough. Last night and tonight showed how soft and inconsistent they are, especially after hitting 5 home runs in the first game, a 15-2, blowout of the Rangers, yet scoring just 3 runs total in losing the next two games and the series, in a glaring, whimpering display of baseball.
    Unfortunately, LA doesn’t have Seager, and the tough ass, no nonsense, Bruce Bochy as it’s manager!

  3. Amen…glad in not the only one who sees this.wish they tell Roberts we are giving u a one year vaca. Then hire anyone I mean anyone and watch dodgers win world series. Just to prove our point,Roberts over manages big time in playoffs.

    1. 100%. Dude folds like a cheap suit when the team struggles. It’s why we are 3 – 10 in our last 3 playoff series. 3 and 10. Just think about that. Mattingly lost in the NLCS and followed that with two straight NLDS losses, had 1/2 the team Roberts has, and was fired.

  4. The Dodges are exceedingly disappointing. They are on pace to win 97 games, with talent that ought to be winning many more games. Very little to none of the lack of success seems to be Roberts’ strategy faults so far. They have 5 good starters, soon to be 6 with Bobby Miller, and maybe further support from Kershaw and possibly Dustin May coming. The bullpen seems strong, with some on the IL to return later (Graterol, Braizer, Hurt). Scoring 15 runs one day, and 2 runs each of the next two days, against pitchers who are not great, does not make sense. They need to improve the bottom third of the batting order. Biggio does not seem to be the answer in the infield. The best part of his game is his defense and on his first game his error led to one of the 3 runs scored against Buehler, the difference in the game score. Maybe somehow it is Roberts’ fault. Maybe he needs to yell at them, not coddle them. Pages should have been benched for a week in response to his 2 base running errors. Every time a team hired Billy Martin as manager, that team significantly improved its winning percentage. Hire Billy Martin.

    1. Roger,

      Agreed. Looks like sliding practice is in order. Fundamentals kill this team along with the ho hum approach. They just keep rolling Robert’s out there and it’s gone stale. Team needs to shake it up and move on.

      But they won’t and the playoffs will be at risk again.

      1. agree the man just to laid back and in the same groove year after year and the same coaches are the same keep. Pryor let the rest go way overdo and change their approach

    2. These two Ranger pitchers were “lights out” withh the first four in the LA lineup. They were all guessing and simply guessed WRONG!!

  5. Wow, same old broken record from some of my fellow Dodger fans…?. But not too surprising, I mean fans would even complain about Walter Alston. ( I know because I’ve been a Dodger fan since 1969 ). Hate to think what the comments would be if we were all Mets or White Sox fans…?. As to the comment above about being on pace to win 97 games, so winning 101 or 103 games is that much different??? Let’s be the first team to win 11 games in October, that’s all that matters. Yep, I think Roberts can help get us there.

    1. Agree 100%. Dodger fan since 1953. Still come down to So Cal (live in Washington State along with many other Dodger fans). MLB players love playing for Roberts, fellow MLB executives rave about Roberts. There’s no one I’d rather see guiding this team.He manages for the long term success and he achieves.

      1. Change the lineup batting order.
        Put Freeman back in the 2
        nd position and move Otanni to 3rd spot.
        Check the stats.

    2. Uh, thinking “Roberts can help get there” is simply not supported by facts. I stated above, but we are 3 -10 in our last 3 playoff series. He cannot manage in difficult situations. If fans want to give him credit for regular season success and leading a team to four straight 100 wins full seasons in a row (for the first time in MLB history) when they are mostly not challenged and on cruise control, go right ahead. For me, it’s how he manages when they’re struggling or when it counts most – in the playoffs. Like their current funk of 10 – 11 in their last 21 games, he fails miserably in the playoffs. Love the team and been a fan for over 50 years, but this fan boy adoration for Roberts is misplaced.

  6. I see the weekly meeting of the Hate Roberts Club has convened. I guess Roberts is supposed to go out and hit for his players? Yeah like yelling at them is really going to do a lot of good. Pardon me but that is really dumb!….These slumping hitters are not Roberts fault.

    1. Agree, but the lack of fundamentals is somebody’s fault. Why does infield defense have to be an adventure/experiment?

    1. Finally someone put their finger on the main problems in baseball, maybe even the world. Jewelry and sunflower seeds. Dave Roberts does wear a wedding ring after all. And I have seen him eat a seed. Thank you for putting this in the proper perspective.

      P.S. The Roberts haters are misguided. Doc is exactly the manager LAD needs, the postseason woes not withstanding. The playoffs are a crapshoot. At least we get there EVERY YEAR.

  7. Finally someone put their finger on the main problems in baseball, maybe even the world. Jewelry and sunflower seeds. Dave Roberts does wear a wedding ring after all. And I have seen him eat a seed. Thank you for putting this in the proper perspective. P.S. The Roberts haters are misguided. Doc is exactly the manager LAD needs, the postseason woes not withstanding. The playoffs are a crapshoot. At least we get there EVERY YEAR.

  8. Ya as much as I didn’t agree with Roberts decision a few years ago and some over managing now it’s not all on him , yes he should be more sturn and maybe bench a guy every now and then, but our batting needs to wake up, so I honestly put partial blame on out batting coaches, they need to look at changing some of the staff if that’s what’s needed,also the patience with a few players has run thin, Taylor and Lux shouldn’t be and maybe a few others,This team has so much talent ,,,,,

    1. Roberts oversees, or put another way, manages the team. He owns their performance. He gets credit when they play well, so he has to own or take responsibility and blame when they don’t. It comes with the territory and when you’re managing a team of this caliber. He’s a failure when it counts most. And that is supported by facts and results.

  9. I would bring in Joe Madden in a heart beat. He knows Friedman and managed Ohtani. I know they are going through a tough patch, but why don’t they RUN??? Everyone not named Muncy should be stealing. League wide has an 80% success rate on SBs.

    Why /how is Mookie still the starting SS? Yes, he proved he CAN play, but he also could play every other position as well.
    When Mookie gets on first, there is no interaction with Ohtani. Why doesn’t Betts steal. Why has Freeman stopped stealing.

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