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Dodgers: Minor League Players Suspended for PED and Drug Violations

While MLB and teams wait to set their 60-man player pools, some bad news first. Two Dodgers minor leaguers were suspended today for a violation of the league’s drug policy.

Reza Aleaziz, who spent part of last season with the Ogden Raptors, was suspended for the use of amphetamines. The particulars of that test were not released, but he will face a 50 game suspension. Aleaziz has spent two years in the Dodgers’ minor leagues and is about to turn 25.

The other suspension was for a performance-enhancing drug called gw501516, which is classified by MLB as a PED. Juan Idrogo will face a 72-game suspension for the violation, though it’s unclear how that will play into a season without games. The Dodgers had Idrogo signed as an international prospect and is just 17 years old. 

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