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Dodgers, MLB Respond To Proposal For Binding Arbitration

[new_royalslider id=”41″] It has been a season-long battle for Time Warner Cable and other providers to try and make a deal for SportsNet LA.

On Monday, six Congressional members from California submitted a proposal for TWC and other providers, namely DirecTV, to enter a binding arbitration to get a deal done and get SportsNet LA circulated.

The Los Angeles Dodgers released a statement on the subject from president and CEO Stan Kasten. Read the full press release and quote from Kasten:

Dodger President and CEO Stan Kasten today made the following statement on the letter written by members of the California Congressional delegation (attached), which urged for Time Warner Cable SportsNet LA and Southern California television providers to enter into binding arbitration:

“First, we’d like to thank the members of the California delegation, especially Congressman Brad Sherman, for putting our fans and their constituents first and doing their best to move this situation forward,” Kasten said. “We’re very pleased that our partners at Time Warner Cable have readily agreed to submit SportsNet LA to binding arbitration, and we urge DirecTV to quickly agree so that we can get these games on the air for their customers.”

Following the proposal, TWC agreed to a binding arbitration and were waiting for the other providers to follow suit. On Tuesday, Major League Baseball also released a statement on the situation via the official MLB PR account:

The Dodgers, TWC and fans in Southern California will all be invested in whether the deal gets done and will be hoping that it occurs sooner rather than later.

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Vincent Samperio

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  1. What the hell is up with Directv on settling in on a deal to carry those games for us Dodgers fans on Directv? Come on guys. Quit the greediness and get this situation resolved.

  2. Of course TWC is willing to go to the table with a binding arbitration. Wouldn’t they be the only one with nothing to lose? A deal for $$$ amount (preferred by TWC but unacceptable for Direct TV) or a deal for $$ amount (Not ideal for TWC and acceptable for Direct TV)
    It seems to me that there is no deal here where TWC loses out. However there is opportunity in this arbitration that Direct TV could end up paying more than they see acceptable.
    Holding out is the only card Direct TV has to play. Going into a binding arbitration takes away Direct TVs only bit of leverage.
    If I am misunderstanding the situation please correct me.

    Also notice, its not just Direct TV thats holding out. Yes, the other would be forced to follow suit if Direct TV stopped holding out, but no other company finds TWCs terms reasonable either. If one of the other companies had decided to the price was right I would give Direct TV more blame for not working something out. But it seems to me that TWC must be the one being unreasonable. After-all it has a monopoly on the Dodgers right now. And that doesn’t normally work out well for everyone else.

    Im one of those blocked out from seeing the Dodgers. I have Direct TV and personally Id pay whatever to see my team. 10 bucks a month for 1 channel. Fine. But I will not switch back to TWC for it. TWC is the worst cable provider I have ever dealt with.
    I’ve streamed games all season on my computer. Not ideal… but at least I’m watching the game. Id rather watch that fuzzy, jumpy picture than switch back to TWC.

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