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Dodgers: Mookie Betts Praises and Loves Teammate Justin Turner

From the moment that it was announced that Mookie Betts would be coming to the Dodgers, fans were enamored by the all-star right fielder. David Price let us know what an amazing teammate Mookie has been but until Los Angeles saw him on the field and with his teammates, fans weren’t as aware as we are now.

In almost every interview, Betts has shown that he prefers to speak more about his teammates than himself. With high praise for everyone around him, he’s proven to be not just a team player but another level of positivity in the clubhouse.

Ahead of LA’s 15-3 pounding of the Braves, Mookie was asked about teammate Justin Turner and what he knew about the clubhouse leader of the Dodgers.

I didn’t know much about JT other than I know he’s a really good player – can swing it really well, he can pick it as well on defense. Like I said, didn’t know him much outside of that. Then once I got here I got to see the kind of person he is, the leader he is, you know he loves to have fun but he’s also that person you could always go talk to about something in the game that you may not understand.

There has never been a doubt about the intrinsic qualities Justin brings to the team, but now in his 7th year with the ballclub he grew up rooting for, perhaps his greatest quality is that leadership in the locker room and on the field.

Mookie continued.

You know he’s been around for a long time so he’s been through a lot and so it’s great to have someone like that in the clubhouse, a leader like that in the clubhouse, a presence in the three-hole as well – getting hits and keeping the line moving. He’s done an amazing job on everything and you know, I love him.

That’s brotherhood right there!

Moreover, this is a look into the strength of the Dodgers and their clubhouse. The people that make up the team are so good that the new guy can come over, sign a 12-year extension, and even say that he loves a teammate in less than 10 months is pretty mindblowing, all things considered.

JT and Mookie continue their quest for a ring tonight in Arlington.

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  1. Which, of course, begs the question. What does it take to keep JT here for at least a couple more years? Two years at $15M each, or maybe three years at $13M? With the universal DH likely, he’s worth it. Probably worth a bit more. With Pedersen almost certainly heading elsewhere next year, it makes it even more important that the Dodgers hold onto one of the few players who has always continues to rake when October rolls around.

  2. Mookie and JT are great for the clubhouse. Need to resign JT. Still pretty solid at 3rd. Don’t envision Friedman spending any significant money in off season regardless where the Dodgers end up

  3. Let JT get some time at 1st base. If the DH comes it would be great to keep him for that as well, he’s still a very good player and I don’t think his defense at third has deteriorated at all!

  4. Only hope to keep JT a Dodger is if the DH becomes permanent in NL. His knees are shot and his defensive skills will continue to erode because of the knees and age.

  5. And another thing, where did Mookie Betts go? What is it about wearing a Dodger uniform that makes you forget how to hit in October?

    Oh well they’re not dead yet.

  6. I can’t even imagine seeing JT on another team. I just don’t think it’s in the cosmic ether. So they must resign him to a contract that lets him play another couple years then retains him in some other capacity.

    1. Stuck with a 400 million dollar contract! Wait until they have to sign Beli and Seager! Same old s*** show every year.

  7. Like I said in the comments last week; Keep J.T.(Even without the DH); let him finish his “Playing Time”, in Dodger Blue. Then replace Roberts, as the Manager.

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