Dodgers Nation Poll Results: Approval Ratings Trend Upward

Every week we put a finger on the pulse of Dodgers Nation with a series of approval polls posted on Twitter. Our goal is to see how Dodger fans’ opinions of the team’s performance evolve over the course of the season. Just like last week, the polls covered fan’s approval of Dave Roberts, the Dodgers’ offense, starting pitching, bullpen, and front office.

Dave Roberts

Last week Dave Robert’s approval rating sat at 68%. This week, over 75% of fans have said they approve of the job Robert’s has done so far this season. It is not surprising that as the Dodgers’ winning percentage trends upward, their manager’s approval ratings have done the same.

The Offense

Ratings for the Dodgers’ offense have stayed about the same from a week ago, with a few percentage points increase in A and B ratings. Since the question encapsulates the entire season, it is understandable that despite this week’s hot bats, many are still hesitant to give them an A.

This road trip will be a good test to see if this offensive uptrend is the real deal.

The Starters

The Dodgers’ greatest uncertainty this year has been their starting rotation. While there is about the same percentage of B ratings, A ratings for the rotation nearly doubled over last week, from 7 to 12 percent.

It wouldn’t be unrealistic to credit Ross Stripling for the increased approval ratings from last week. He has been incredible on the mound, clearly having earned his way out of the bullpen.

The Bullpen

Speaking of the bullpen, their ratings have increased in a similar trend as the starters. An uptick in A and B ratings that are likely due to the Dodgers’ overall success.

Kenley Jansen also notched some key saves this last week, rebuilding trust in his abilities after a shaky start to the season.

The Front Office

While support is not unanimous, approval of the Dodgers’ Front Office has gone up as well. A week ago, 37% of respondents disapproved of the front office’s work. This week, that number is down to about 26%.

It will be interesting to see how the Front Office ratings will be affected as we get later into the summer. A big move at the trade deadline will be sure to move the needle, whether it moves up or down will be up to the fans.

What do you think of these poll results? Where do you agree or disagree? Comment on our Facebook page or tweet us @DodgersNation.

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Jacob Walters

Jacob Walters is a Los Angeles native and has been a Dodgers fan his entire life. He hopes to one day see the Dodgers release a bobblehead of Chan Ho Park scissor kicking Tim Belcher.

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