Dodgers Nation Says Goodbye and Good Luck to Hunter Thompson

Every so often, you come by a person in your place of work that makes the time fly by. Perhaps it is a special bond over sports or favorite television shows, and sometimes even a mutual hatred of things. Whatever it may be, seeing that person move on to bigger and better things is always difficult.

Chances are you have heard of Hunter Thompson before if you’ve read anything on Dodgers Nation. If you’ve been on our Twitter page before, you’ve almost certainly had an interaction with him. Hunter joined the team a few years back and has faithfully put in work day after day to make sure fans get the most out of our website that they possibly can.  He spent countless nights Twitter-casting the games, staying up well into the night. He is a Pennsylvania boy, but that never stopped him from cheering on the boys in blue. Regardless of how late the games went on the East Coast, Hunter was there to bring you live Dodgers updates. Not to mention as many entertaining GIFs as you could handle.

And now, Hunter has found an opportunity to forward his career. While we could not be happier for him, he will certainly be missed. Check out some of these going away comments our writers had about this truly stand-up guy.

Gail Johnson:

Last year not long after I started contributing to DN, I chatted with Brandon about an idea I had for writing about the experience of being a “long-distance fan”. Brandon liked the idea and also suggested that I reach out to Hunter for his own story, as he (unbeknownst to me at the time) was also on the East Coast. Not knowing anyone else from Dodgers Nation at the time, I was happy to hear back from Hunter and get to share his story of being a young fan growing up to be a Dodgers fan because of his Grandpa, who had become a Dodgers fan himself as a child living in Brooklyn.

I used Hunter’s story in my piece and from time-to-time last summer we would chat a little during the games about Twitter activity and random things going on. I really appreciate how Hunter was so good at handling the DN Twitter account along with his own, as well as live tweeting the games with so much passion.

My funniest memory is late in the season last year when a game was dragging later than expected and Hunter wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to finish live tweeting because it would mean he was going to miss the big Mayweather/McGregor fight that night. He was always up until at least 2 am watching Dodgers games so had no issue with staying up to watch the fight that was starting later than planned, but that night’s Dodgers game was just dragging on and on. I offered to finish up the live tweeting if he couldn’t do it but then figured out I didn’t have the access.

He ended up making arrangements with another staff member although he didn’t need them in the end, the funny part was that all of this was going on while he still managed to stay on top of the live tweeting, which he was always so good at. I will miss the “PUIG GOES YARD!!!!!” type tweets form the account and Hunter’s love of the team.

Clint Evans:

I just want to wish him well. Hunter was super friendly to me when I first started for the site. I appreciate all his twitter work. We had some great talks about college football too.

Gary Lee: 

Hunter has represented everything great about Dodgers Nation with his hard work and passion. I’m proud of the work he’s done and wish him the best of luck!

Brook Smith:

I can’t begin to thank Hunter enough for what he has done. He has worked so hard and his dedication to the team is something special. It seems like no matter what circumstances he faces, he’s always able to come through. Easily one of the nicest guys I’ve ever gotten to know and I hope the best for him.

Clearly, Hunter will be missed. He has done so much and we are so very proud of what he has accomplished! Keep an eye on this guy, he’s going to do great things. If you want to but hi, you can also give hime a follow @Officialism27 .

Good luck Hunter!

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