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Dodgers News: The 2017 Dodgers Have the Clutch Factor

After another amazing comeback from the Los Angeles Dodgers that was capped off by a massive Yasiel Puig home run (his second of that game), the team has shown that they are never counting themselves out of a game.

That comeback against the Miami Marlins marked the 6th time in 32 games that the Dodgers have won the game while trailing going into the 9th inning. Two more than anyone else in Major League Baseball.

To put this into perspective, the Tigers, Mets and the first place Brewers have gone a combined 0-for-110 while trailing going into the 9th inning.

Essentially, the Dodgers have won almost a fifth of the games that they have been trailing in when the 9th inning started. The team is practically oozing clutch hits from every single spot in their lineup.

Both Joc Pederson and Yasiel Puig have been two of the Dodgers’ best hitters as of late and they are consistently put in the 7th and 8th spot in the lineup. With Logan Forsythe now hitting as well, there really is not a hole in this Dodger lineup for the opposing pitcher, one through eight.

Now that they are in a stretch where they have won 27 of 31 games, people are comparing them to the 2013 Dodgers that had the magical 42-8 run. The difference this year is that everyone believes this team is better. The maturity of players growing, mixed in with the now quality starting rotation and mostly reliable bullpen, one key move at the deadline could turn them into an obvious World Series favorite.

Bill Shaikin of the LA Times gave us great insight on just how good this Dodger team is compared to the rest of the National League.

That is nearly an entire month of baseball with only losing one game to a team in the same league. The Dodgers have established dominance and the ability to come back in any game in the National League. Other teams should be scared.

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