Dodgers News: Alex Guerrero Provides Hector Olivera Scouting Report

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Dodgers officially signed Cuban defectors Hector Olivera and Pablo Milan Fernandez Tuesday, adding them to an organization that already has a number of Cuban natives. Olivera mentioned that as a factor in deciding which team to sign with as an international free agent.

While there was plenty of off-the-field news, the Dodgers traveled north and suffered another defeat at the hands of the San Francisco Giants. Alex Guerrero started at third base and went 2-for-4. Following the loss he provided a scouting report on Olivera, via ESPN’s Mark Saxon:

Guerrero said he has known Olivera for years. They were two of the best second basemen in the Cuban league before they both left their country and signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers. “He’s a good hitter, hits for average. I would say he should hit 12 to 18 home runs a year, in that range. He’s versatile. Fast,” Guerrero said in Spanish. Fast, like Yasiel Puig fast? “No,” Guerrero said. “Less so.”

For his part, Olivera also didn’t compare himself to Yasiel Puig during a conference call Tuesday night. “I play hard but relaxed,” he answered through a translator when asked if his style of play was along the lines of Guerrero’s or Puig’s.

When asked if Olivera is capable of playing third base, the position he’s been rumored and expected to play for the Dodgers, Guerrero didn’t offer a conclusive answer:

We’ll have to see,” Guerrero said. “I think he’s a very versatile ball player, but we’d have to see him here at the major league level. It’s different.”

Olivera has been sent to Camelback Ranch, where Dodgers of president baseball operations Andrew Friedman said he’s expected to remain for one week. After that, the 30-year-old infielder will be sent to High-A Rancho Cucamonga and eventually Triple-A Oklahoma City.

Friedman added he believes Olivera is capable of contributing in the Majors this season, which will certainly make for an interesting situation as the Dodgers would presumably have a surplus of infielders.

There’s a school of thought one of them eventually will be included as part of a trade to net a starting pitcher. Ironically, Guerrero’s name is reportedly one to have already garnered interest. He’s making $4 million this season and is owed $5 million in each of the next two years.

However, included in Guerrero’s contract is a clause which allows him to opt out of his deal at the end of the season in which he is traded. It’s unlikely Justin Turner would be moved as he’s been a key player for the Dodgers and is under team control. Juan Uribe, whose playing time has significantly decreased, is in the final year of his deal.


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  1. I don’t think Jroll hitting is on a up swing! Also, he should not be batting second in the batting order! Many teams today put their best hitter second in the batting order! Last night after Joc doubled, Rollins hit the very first pitch that was a soft line to left field! He should have been more selective, and hit a ball to the right side, to move Joc over to third base. After all, the Dodgers have had trouble scoring in the prior two games! I thought that Rollins was brought over to the Dodgers to be a leader and to play the game the right way! This example shows just how the Dodgers and the Giants play the game differently! When there are runners on base, the Giants hit the ball to the right side to advance the runners, and with two strikes they try to shorten their swing, to get the bat on the ball

    1. When Puig is back Jroll with bat 8th, I’m sure Puig will bat 2nd unless he starts killing the ball in which case Donnie would bat him 4th and maybe Kendrick or Olivera 2nd

  2. I agree with you on the different playing styles. At one time, coming from a fan of 50 years. That’s how they the game was played under Alston and Lasorda. The Dodgers haven’t been the same since the O’Malley’s sold the franchise. The second hitter should be a contact hitter, who rarely strikes out and can make contact. Sometimes, he may to swing at pitches, that may be out the strike zone, either to protect the runner during call to steal or a hit and run play. Something Mattingly never employs as a strategy. Plus, nowadays you have .250 hitters swinging for the fences. Rollin, knows he’s not producing. He has been around long enough to know that this semi-slump, is temporary and all players go through this whether its hitting, pitching or fielding.

    1. For some reason in baseball today, they don’t go with that type of batter for the second position in the order! Even if Jroll’s bat would improve, and he should not be batting second in the order! He should be put much lower in the order! This would be better for not only the Dodgers, it would be good for Rollins himself! Lowering Jroll, will take some of the pressure off of Jimmy, because the main expectation for eight in the order, is to make sure that the pitcher, does not lead off in the next inning! This will also, have Rollins

  3. Once Puig & Crawford are healthy and back we could offer Guerrero and Van Slyke and maybe a minor league pitcher not named Urias for Cueto or Hamels. Trading SVS would not be popular with some as he is a great bat off the bench and can play anywhere in the outfield as well as first. But with the emergence of Olivera who plays 1st, 2nd or 3rd and Either hitting like Either again I think we should sell high on him now. That package might make the Phillies stop demanding one of our top 3 prospects and bring back a top veteran pitcher we so desperately need to make it to the World Series

    1. I wouldn’t trade either of those two players. Both are good bats to have coming off the bench. For one, Guerrero’s contract isn’t trade friendly. He performed very well in the minors, despite all the obstacles, that he had to deal with. Plus, he carried more than his weight, with limited playing time on the big club. Van Slyke plays two corner outfield positions and can play first base. I see Turner getting moved. I like the guy but, he is in the last year of his contract and is older than the other two.
      I wouldn’t count on Olivera being inserted in the line-up right away. He is still a wild card talent, based on reputation and hype.He still needs to get into baseball shape and the only way that can happen is sending down to A or AA, and see how he progresses. Besides who knows how Donny will handle him. Before it’s all said and done, Olivera will end up at 1st base.
      I say start bringing up some of the kids from the minors. Most trades and most FA signings haven’t panned out and it seems to be getting more risky with the current FO. I don’t what the hell the Dodgers are saving them for…Armageddon? The Cardinals and a few others have no problem with bringing up pitchers from their organization. They’ve had their way with us. They’ve been doing something right. Forget the Giants, they’ve got more WS Championships in the National League, than anyone else. At this rate, I’m almost convinced that the Cubs will win a WS championship before the Dodgers ever will.

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