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Dodgers News: Andre Ethier Due Back In June

Believe it or not, the Los Angeles Dodgers did get a little bit of good news in the last little while as they learned that outfielder Andre Ethier will most likely be back by June. The exact date or time is obviously not yet known, but this is still wonderful news because it means that Los Angeles will only be without him for the next month or so.

The Dodgers are sorely missing the offensive firepower that Andre Ethier can supply, and it’s something that has led to the overuse of Carl Crawford, who is hitting just .182 in 23 plate appearances thus far this season. Not having Ethier has been something the team has tried to overcome, but the injuries are certainly catching up to them right now.

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From ESPN dot com, via the Associated Press:

Dodgers: OF Andre Ethier, who hasn’t played this season after fouling a pitch off his left shin during spring training, is scheduled to undergo cardiovascular, non-weight-bearing activity shortly and is expected to be activated sometime in June.

That really is fantastic news. The fact that he will, as the report says, be activated sometime in June is a really big deal, and it’s something that we know the Dodgers cannot wait for. They’re currently playing two of the worst hitters in baseball right now, so getting back Ethier will help give their offense just a little bit more punch that they could use.

There’s no actual date set for a possible return because things like this can fluctuate, but the best guess would probably be sometime in the middle of the month. Anywhere from June 13 to June 19. The team needed some good news, and this is the sort of news that definitely qualifies as something in the “good” category.

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  1. Boy, is this ever good news!  I am so sick up to my head at seeing Crawford out there!  And you know what, Dodgers do have others that can play LF now, and it does not need to be strictly done by L-R-L-R match ups . So what if a RH bat goes against a RHP !  Crawford is Crawfull and sooner we can get rid of him the better this team and we all will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. pauldodgerfan1965 LOL!!  My sentiments also. Either was one that came through in the clutch. That is something which is really missing now. Two years ago I was one who wanted that contract and below average runner, injury prone outfielder gone. But last year he became a favorite of mind, because he was stellar in the clutch. Even in the field. Just a short time from now Crawford will be on the DL again.  Imagine him playing football or basketball. What a waste of money and print.

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