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Dodgers News: Chip Hale, Don Mattingly Clear The Air Amid Ongoing Feud

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports
Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

With Matt Kemp, Hanley Ramirez and Yasiel Puig among the big personalities who have played, or play for the Los Angeles Dodgers in recent years, the Boys in Blue have at times ruffled the feathers of their opponents.

More specifically, the Arizona Diamondbacks have been among the teams who seemingly have a persisting disapproval of the Dodgers. There’s the brawl at Dodger Stadium in 2013 and later in the year, the Dodgers’ pool celebration after clinching the National League West division title that’s left little love lost between the two teams.

Tensions boiled over in the first Spring Training meeting this year (March 19), which featured four hit batsmen and four ejections. There wasn’t a carryover into the March 26 game, which may have been tied to a conversation between Dodgers manager Don Mattingly and Diamondbacks manager Chip Hale.

According to Adam Green of, Hale said he and Mattingly laid the issues to rest with an exchange of apologies:

We just talked because that whole situation that got out of hand over there in Glendale, he was really great about saying, ‘Hey, the baseball game is the most important thing’ and if there was anything they did or anything we did, that was out of line he apologized, and I said the same thing,” Hale said. “We just want to play ball. We have such good teams and we want good competition, don’t want anything else involved with it.”

Hale’s remarks come just under one week after he was critical of the Dodgers, saying they’re good at talking and that his club would focus on playing baseball.

While the Dodgers only faced the Diamondbacks twice during Spring Training, they’ll face them 19 times during the regular season. The first series begins April 10 in what will be the start of a three-game set at Chase Field. The Dodgers went 15-4 against the Diamondbacks in 2014.


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