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Dodgers News: Cody Bellinger Impresses Yet Again in Loss to Giants

Cody Bellinger has made an obvious impact since he was added to the Dodgers roster last week against the San Francisco Giants.

Monday night was no different.

In the bottom of the 2nd inning, Bellinger smacked a ground-rule double on a line drive to right field. And by smacked, I mean he absolutely crushed this ball.

Bellinger was later cashed in on an RBI single from Clayton Kershaw, where he had a picture perfect slide to avoid a tag from Buster Posey, fully showing his athleticism.

In the 7th inning, Cody Bellinger executed a perfect bunt down the third base line because the Giants had him shifted to the right side, expecting him to pull the ball. This was the second time that Cody Bellinger has attempted to bunt against the shift, succeeding on both occasions.

Andy McCullough of the LA Times had his fun with the bunt, joking that Cody Bellinger is the only player who knows how to bunt, seeing as players fail to get bunts down more times than they are successful.

Bellinger was once again brought home on a single from pinch-hitter Chris Taylor.

Cody Bellinger has brought a spark and a new energy to the Dodger lineup, as well as a monster bat and above average glove.

If the Dodgers do end up sending him back down to the minors, it would not be for long. Bellinger looks as ready as he will ever be for Major League Baseball so it will be very hard to hold him back.

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