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Dodgers News: Fans Remain Split On Their Trust With The Front Office

It’s always hard for a fairly new front office to generate complete trust from their fanbase, especially when they watch the runner-up for the National League Cy Young sign with a division rival.

In a poll that the Dodgers Nation official twitter account (@DodgersNation) put out there on Tuesday, it appears that fans are completely split on this subject.

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As the poll shows, 1675 people voted. 31 percent, or roughly 519 people, said that there’s “still a ways to go” for them to trust the front office:

There was a tie for second between “slowly but surely” and “always have.” Bringing up the far rear was “never will.” It just goes to show you that even the fans are divided on this issue.

When the question was posed to fans on the Dodgers Nation official Facebook page (Dodgers Nation), the results were pretty split, as well. Some people weighed in with interesting viewpoints:

John Kemper: I haven’t lost faith at all. I would have liked Grienke, but other than that I have liked what they have done. Team is building for a strong future and will contend in 2016.

Mark A. Bates: I can’t make that determination until after the season. I’ve seen teams do really good things in the off season and suck really bad by the third week. Then there’s really bad moves and that teams has a great season. Not sure on the bullpen. Still iffy on the coaches.

Darren Gagnon: Trust? I would like to see how the 2016 season goes first before deciding anything…..

Norm Lee: Friedman had said earlier the fans in Tampa had to adjust to how he does things…and the moves he makes…so I suppose we have to do the same thing now. they likely see what a number of fans see…an OF glut, a bullpen in need of help, a power right handed bat, and a bit more certainty at 2nd.

It is worth pointing out how far this has come when compared to only a couple weeks ago, when public sentiment about Friedman and his team kept finding new lows.

Trust isn’t easily gained. You have to earn it. If the Dodgers are able to win the division yet again, then perhaps some of that trust that was lost after Zack Greinke departed will start to come back.

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  1. Fans show all the “trust” they need to show by going to games, watching on cable, etc… I have a feeling the Dodgers are going to do fine in that regard. If the Dodgers win, fans will say nice things. If they lose, fans will say not-so-nice things. Then they’ll be back again next season like they’ve been for decades. The Dodgers are spending enough money, hiring enough talent, to keep themselves relevant. I’m not worried about them at all.

  2. Do I trust Fried Brains? No….I think he relies too much on his saber metrics and takes chances on guys who have no chance of making the roster…it is musical players out there……..makes no sense what so ever..take the other day, he signed Jordan Schaffer to a minor league deal…as if the Dodgers did not already have enough banjo hitting outfielders……then the day after that they announce they are going to try the guy as a pitcher in spring training………this guy has not pitched since high school! Sorry, his judgement and player evaluation skills are scary, and flawed….

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