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Dodgers News: Legendary Broadcaster Vin Scully Passes Away at 94

Some days, you wake up incredibly excited to break sports news and talk about baseball. Today is not one of those days. The Dodgers are playing in San Francisco against the Giants in their second game of the series. But in the middle of the game, it was announced that we had lost a legend of the game.

Calling Vin Scully a legend doesn’t even feel like enough. He was a titan of sports broadcasting. Everything that the man touched with his voice turned to gold. And at the age of 94, the longtime Dodgers broadcaster passed away.

The Dodgers just made the announcement during the game.

Of course he was the voice of the Dodgers, but Vin was so much more than that. He is easily one of the 4 faces that would be placed on the Mount Rushmore of Los Angeles sports icons. He probably is one of the 4 of all-time sports icons. There never has been and never will be another like him.

Vin’s voice will forever live on in Los Angeles and in baseball. What a terribly sad day for sports, but how lucky were we all to have his voice in our homes? A familiar and soothing sound that brings us back to our childhood days of listening to him call games on the radio.

We will miss you dearly, Vin.


  1. RIP Vin. Your voice was golden and your calling of the game was unforgettable. I remember as a kid listening to the Dodger games on a 4 transistor radio. My parents never knew that I stayed up beyond bedtime so that I could follow the score.

    1. I used to listen to the World Series in school with a transistor radio in my pocket and the wire for the eearpiece going up my sleeve so I could listen during class.

  2. The only Dodgers jersey I own is Scully and the number 1. There were times as a kid when his voice was the only male voice I trusted. I am really sad tonight.

  3. As a little boy, I would listen to Vin on my transistor radio, under my pillow long past bed time. One day, as a child, I spotted Vin, with his family, at Busch Gardens, in Van Nuys. My father, infuriated me when he refused my begging to walk up to meet Vin. “Respect his family time,” dad repeated. Eventually, they walked right past us and I was able to say hello. Vin stunned us by thanking my father. Fast-forward to 1983: I was working in the press box at Dodger Stadium. When I introduced myself, Vin SHOCKED shocked me and ASKED ABOUT MY DAD!!! “Tell him, thank you, again and that I say hello.” When I told dad, he was STUNNED! Vin redefined being a gentleman!!!!!!!!!!! A CLASSY man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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