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Dodgers News: Onions are Back at Dodger Stadium, Here’s How to Get Them

Rejoice, Dodgers fans, special times are back upon us at Dodger Stadium. After a painfully long absence from the concessions stand, they’re finally back… the onions… finally back.

Effectively missing since after the 2019 season, raw onions for your Dodger Dog or nachos or whatever your heart desires have resurfaced at the ballpark, albeit not the way were used to.

Los Angeles Times food reporter Daniel Miller shared the good news on his Twitter/X account showing his Papa Cantella Dodger Dog properly covered in onion. How did he do it?

He asked.

So no, the machines are not back just yet, but we might be getting closer to the return of a golden era somewhere down the road. Of course, onions are only available at concession stands on the concourse and not with vendors selling in the stands. Make sure you plan accordingly and ask for the cup at the time of ordering your food to help make your transaction move along faster.


We did it, folks. The Onions are all the way back!

How do you prepare your Dodger Dog? Are you for or against onions on the ballpark staple? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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  1. Needs to be red onions in hot sauce anywayz. That’s the original tradition. So many things to adjust to coming out to the West Coast.

    Go Brooklyn Dodgers!!!

  2. Anything to mask the taste of those awful Dodger hot dogs that I refuse to buy! Am Pm or 7/11 sells a better dog!

  3. They brought back onions, big deal. Bring back Farmer John. Then the onions will mean something. These current dogs are just that, dogs. Yuk.

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