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Dodgers News: Sue Falsone Done With Organization After Five Years

The Dodgers offseason is off and running as Don Mattingly and Ned Colletti held their end of the season press conference today at Dodger Stadium and after they signed Cuban infielder Alexander Guerrero earlier this morning.

It was an up-and-down 2013 for the Dodgers as injuries plagued the beginning portion of the season and they came back towards the end of the year as Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp dealt with significant leg/ankle issues.

However, the shake-up to the training staff is already beginning according to ESPNLA reporter Ramona Shelburne:

Falsone was hired by the Dodgers prior to the 2008 season and after three years on the staff, she was promoted to head athletic trainer to start the 2012 season, replacing Stan Conte.

The promotion was significant as Falsone became the first female head athletic trainer in professional sports and came under fire as the Dodgers had injuries up-and-down the roster. Back in July, Falsone did a story with USA Today’s David Leon Moore and talked about all the Dodger injuries this season:

There are a lot of theories (for the high rate of injury), but that’s exactly what they are — theories. You just really have to look at each individual. We try to focus our program a lot on prevention. When that doesn’t work, we have to look at each individual and try to figure out what could have led to this. Because you never have the answer.

Clearly the organization wasn’t happy about all the injuries this season and the dismissal of Falsone means Ned Colletti added another area to address in the offseason: the training staff.

UPDATE: Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times at 6:00 PST: 


In case you missed it, here’s Adrian Gonzalez doing his “Mickey Mouse” antics in the NLCS!

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