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Dodgers News: Team Announces Special 2018 MLB Draft Representative

Alright, the headline photo spoiled the big surprise. Except, nothing could spoil a post about Tommy Lasorda. I’ve been here almost a half a year, and this is the first time I have had the pleasure to write about one of baseball’s greatest managers ever. My excitement got the best of me.

On Tuesday, the Dodgers announced that Lasorda will serve as their official MLB Draft representative.

Baseball has attempted to imitate the NFL in the manner of having ‘draft representatives’. Conversely, teams have a special guest from their organization who serve as the aficionado in turning in the picks.

Moreover, Lasorda has made a name for himself as Dodgers representative during past drafts.

The draft will take place this coming Monday, June 4th. The Dodgers hold the 30th and final pick in the first round. Day one of the MLB Draft will be televised on MLB Network. The second and third days will be stream in their entirety on

Why The MLB Draft Is Great – Aside From Tommy Lasorda

I always enjoy tuning in to the draft to see who the next member of the Dodgers fraternity will be. After all, before a guy is Walker Buehler or Corey Seager; his name flashes on the screen on this night. Inevitably, I turn to YouTube for college or high school highlight reels of whomever the Dodgers select. Lasorda must really enjoy doing this event – he’s 90 years old – so the organization deserves a solid for sending him again to do the honors. And how special would it be as a young 20-something to say that you met Tommy Lasorda the night you became a Los Angeles Dodger? Chills.

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