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Dodgers News: Tommy Lasorda Receives (Another) Honorary Doctorate

There are few figures more popular in Los Angeles than former Tommy Lasorda. People around him can’t help but smile as he walks by or gives some memorable quote about his Dodgers.

So, news that an institution of higher learning is honoring him should and will be welcomed warmly.


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This, via Dylan Hernandez of the L.A. Times.

Lasorda represents, to many people, the last era of true Dodgers greatness. He resonates with several generations. He’s also incredibly charismatic so when he talks, people listen.

Per, this isn’t the first time he’s been honored in this capacity. Not even close.

He has received honorary doctorate degrees from Pepperdine University, St. Thomas University, Cal State Long Beach, University of Phoenix, Concordia University, the University of Hawaii, Argosy University and Cypress College. In February 2003, he was honored by Cal Tech when he became only the second person to ever have an asteroid named after them. His asteroid is #6128, otherwise known as Asteroid Lasorda.

Wow. Congrats, coach!

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