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Dodgers News: Trevor Bauer Releases Statement Following DFA from LA

Trevor Bauer has officially been designated for assignment by the Dodgers. Shortly after the news dropped, Bauer’s camp released a statement on the decision. Here is the entire statement:

“While we were unable to communicate throughout the administrative leave and arbitration process. my representatives spoke to Dodgers leadership immediately following the arbitration decision.

“Following two weeks of conversations around my return to the organization, I sat down with Dodgers leadership in Arizona yesterday who told me that they wanted me to return and pitch for the team this year.

“While I am disappointed by the organization’s decision today, I appreciate the wealth of support I’ve received from the Dodgers clubhouse. I wish the players all the best and look forward to competing elsewhere.”

The surprising part of the statement comes in the middle when he says he “sat down with Dodgers leadership in Arizona yesterday who told [him] they wanted [him] to return and pitch for the team this year.”

Obviously we don’t know both sides of the story, so we don’t want to comment on the validity of those remarks. But it’s definitely interesting to hear that Bauer was under the impression that he was returning to the team.

For now, there’s no comment from the Dodgers outside of the initial post. But we’ll update you when more information becomes available.

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Noah Camras

Noah is an Editor for Dodgers Nation. He graduated from USC in 2022 with a B.A. in Journalism and minor in Sports Media Studies. He's been a Dodger fan his whole life, and his all-time favorite Dodgers are Matt Kemp and Russell Martin.


  1. I’m sure he appreciates the Dodgers for making him a wealthy man.That’s how you get away with crime.I’m wishing bad luck to any team that decides to pick him up.Get the hell out of here!

      1. You can believe that he’s UNNOCENT,ha ha!! Bottom line is that he’s OUT OF HERE,ADIOS!!

  2. I hope they are not paying Gomes too much because he has done nothing but hurt the team since he started and Fraudman has sat on his hands!! Terrible management!!!

  3. I find it very interesting Dodger Administration hangs innocent player never found guilty of anything never tried all charges dropped or never even brought way to go Dodger Administration

  4. This off-season has become a nightmare for me and the Dodgers are checking boxes on everything I hate about baseball. The Organization strikes me as just the worst element of society and what is wrong with California. High nosed elites pandering to whack job liberalism. The FO is trying to take the high road here, but they remind me more and more of scum bag politicians. Good luck, Trevor! I hope the you pound the Dodgers every time you pitch against them.

  5. I am Done wasting my time and money on this self sabotage organization. I will no longer pay 1 cent to support a Triple A organization run team with NO BRAINS. No more tickets, no more merchandise and no more MLB package. Adios Losers!! Enjoy your justice warrior Front office. F-You Kasten, friedman and especially ROBERTS!! Losers…….

  6. LA42
    YOU LIKELY FAVOR ROBOT UMPIRES TOO & don’t see the talent great catches bring to the game, ie. FRAMING THE PITCH.
    Obviously, you would be better off and so would the rest of the world if you purchased a robot brain.

    1. Glenn,what’s up?I made my comments about the dude that will no longer be in the D’s organization and you reply with catchers framing pitches,robot umpires and purchasing a robot brain.Are you okay?Would you like to explain?

      1. LA42
        No! It would take way to much time & effort to explain my comment…. TO YOU?
        We’re done here, have a good night.

    2. Framing is cheating. I know, I’ve done it many times in real baseball games. Either go to robot umps or take Vegas out of the picture.

  7. Bad move by LA. Won’t be buying any Dodger tickets this year. Should have kept Buaer.

    1. I understand Scott.You can go to Buaer’s (I like this spelling) website and purchase a shirt,a hat or what ever he’s selling.I’m sure this will make you feel better,plus he needs all of his lovers to buy this stuff so he can build up his brand!

    2. It’s ok, does not sound like you are a true fan anyway if you are willing to cut ties and stand next to Bauer. Bye ?

  8. LA42
    Have a good night
    We’re done there

  9. Gotta protect the brand. Dodgers took the cowards way out. Just pay to make it go away.

  10. Since I have very little (if not any) respect for any major sports, I would have would have liked the Dodgers to keep Bauer. However, going forward, I am semi-excited to see the young position players this upcoming season. I look at the five starting pitchers and see a possibility of an outstanding staff. On the other hand, I can see the possibility of absolute disaster. With the change of roster, this season will be at least be interesting.

  11. The whole guilty/innocent thing doesn’t matter. You don’t have to be convicted of a crime to be fired. Companies terminate people everyday for policy violations like the mlb policy in question. The Dodgers looked at the incident investigation which gave him the longest suspension on record. Then determined that he has a net negative value. They are moving on.

  12. Good question…I’m so disappointed in losing fave players again….I will be watching other teams play this season just to see them. Fan since ’59.

  13. Not thrilled they cut him because he’ll be pitching for someone else, but I do understand. I personally would’ve kept him, but for those of you who are threatening not to be dodger fans anymore, or spending another nickel on them, grow up and learn what the hell you’re talking about. he’s a sexually abusive man. End of story For those of you who felt he should’ve stayed and will not follow the Dodgers anymore because they cut him. I suggest you tell your girlfriend or your wife or one of your daughters that you think this man should’ve played for your team. Strictly baseball terms. Yes, I wanted him to stay but I believe he would’ve been a huge distraction and quite frankly I don’t think the Dodgers are going to be a number one team this year as they are rebuilding for 2024 while still remain competitive.

  14. Sherry. A decade straight in playoffs and now you run? You were never a real fan of Dodgers if true. Just liked winners I guess I shall miss JT the most. BELLINGER’s time was up last year. Hated not signing Anderson. We move on. Nothing new. If a fan since 1959, did you quit the Dodgers when, Snyder, Hodges, Podres and Furillo we sent packing. Jackie R quit baseball when the Dodgers traded him to the hated giants This is not new.

  15. He might be an ass, but what happened to second chances, never found guilty and the gold digger
    Finally didn’t get her way.
    Love to see him with the Angels.?

  16. Well stated. Do you have any idea of the ramifications with the female dodger fans if the Dodgers brought him back if you don’t understand that Kirk, there are many things you must not understand. As I said, initially, I had wish they could’ve found a way to keep him because we need a picture but at what price

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