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Dodgers News: TWC Lowers Price For Channel

It appears that Time Warner Cable is finally trying to alleviate some of the gap between themselves and cable companies in the hopes that the Los Angeles Dodgers will have their games broadcast to a wider audience. That should at least make some people out there happy, but real change must happen.

As it stands, only 1.8 million households are even able to watch Dodgers games right now, and that’s a major problem for one of the premier organizations in Major League Baseball. It’s never good to freeze out a large portion of your audience, and it appears that they’re trying to finally remedy that.

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From Meg James, contact reporter at the Los Angeles Times:

Time Warner Cable said late Tuesday that it had cut by 30% the price of the sports channel offered to DirecTV and other pay-TV providers with the hope of spurring long-stalled negotiations over carriage of the channel before the new season begins April 4.

It’s historic that Time Warner Cable actually slashed the price it was demanding. How historic? Well, it’s the first time they’ve ever done it. Then again, that could be because the company has lost at least $100 million dollars every year since 2014. Money talks, and the Dodgers make them money. But people have to actually watch them.

The new season begins on April 4th, and it will be Vin Scully’s final season as the play-by-play announcer for the club. It will be a travesty if fans miss out on what will be a monumental season with Scully at the helm for the final time. Both sides, Time Warner Cable and other companies, definitely need to figure this out.

With Time Warner Cable slashing their price by 30 percent, it at least could bring DirecTV, Verizon, AT&T, and others back to the table in order to come to some sort of deal over the Dodgers. Fans will want to see Scully, the Dodgers, and all the games in 2016. Hopefully all the parties involved make it happen.

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  1. Once upon a time television networks would make their money on selling advertisements and cable / satellite companies made their money from subscribers.  Networks got wind of the money service providers were making and wanted a piece of the pie.  They disregarded the fact that the more people watching their networks, the more they can charge for advertising.  Time Warner has shown that they do not care about their viewers, only about the all mighty dollar, where if they cared more about the viewer then they will make more money.  This is the kind of greed that give the way America does business a bad name.  I live in an area where Time Warner is not available nor ever will be (at least in the near future).  Because of Time Warners selfish, greedy business practices, I will not go to any Dodgers games, or purchase any Dodger merchandise. Why should I support anyone that has no concern for those, that without their support, would not be able to make deals like the one they made with Time Warner.  The Dodgers have the power to make Time Warner make their Sportsnet available to everyone, not just Time Warner Cable customers.  Their loss.  After all.  It’s only tv, and I can listen to the game on the radio.  Until Time Warner buys those rights…

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